Yesterday morning Jon and I got home from another friend’s 30th birthday celebration. We had slept over at our friend’s house in Vancouver so Livi had stayed with her Marmee for the night. There are so many friends turning 30 this year!

Back Story… Over the last few months we’ve been talking a lot about how Jon and I are going on an airplane to Bulgaria to get Sofie and telling Livi that she is going to stay at home with her Marmee and Grandma. She seems to understand this as much as we can hope and is okay with that idea. Usually, for over night trips, she goes to Jon’s mom’s house for the night, so staying at our home/Marmee’s home with out us was different for her.
We walked in the front door to my Mom’s house yesterday morning and heard Livi excitedly jump up from the living room to come greet us, “Mommy and Daddy are home!!!”  She came around the corner with a huge smile on her face, “You brought Sofie home?!?!” As soon as she saw us her face dropped and she even got some tears in her eyes when she realized that we did not bring her sister home to her. It was so precious and sad at the same time! My heart broke. I started getting some tears in my eyes as well. How beautiful is my daughter? She is so excited to be a sister and is going to be so good at it. We had told her that we were going to a birthday party but I guess the confusion of sleeping over with Marmee made her think we were going to get Sofie.
I wish I could have brought Sofie home yesterday. What an amazing Mother’s Day today would have been! Even short one child Jon helped make today pretty special. We had morning family cuddles which I love. Jon made us breakfast while Livi and I cuddled and watched cartoons. I watched Jon and Livi play blocks and build me a wall (Livi’s favorite thing to make right now) while I played on the internet. We had a much needed nap, went to Jon’s Mom’s house for dinner and got to see Jon’s sister Lisa and husband Tony who came over from the Island. Livi LOVES her Uncle Tony  and Auntie Lisa 🙂 On the ride home Jon told me to check my schedule on my phone for the last weekend in May, where it showed me that he had booked us a night at the Lister hotel in Downtown Vancouver. He gets an awesome government employee rate! So, partly for Mother’s Day and partly as a “last night out before we have two kids” we get to have an evening of window shopping on Robson, a nice dinner, a romantic night in a 4-star hotel and probably something fun and relaxing in Vancouver the next day too! Now we are watching the Green Hornet before bed. I figured with all the effort he put in to making today so special, he could pick the movie 🙂
I love being a mom. Livi makes it easy and I can’t wait to see what Sofie brings to my already incredible family! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Superwoman out there! A very special thanks to the beautiful example I was given. Marmee you are incredible.

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