Finally… an Update!

In case you don’t check our Adoption page regularly or missed it on Facebook, we finally got an update on the Adoption!

It turns out that the MOJ gave her approval for us to proceed with adopting Sofie on June 7th. All the papers should be at the court house by June 14th at the latest and our agency is expecting our court date to be some where between June 20-26. THAT IS TWO WEEKS PEOPLE! I really hope that my next blog post is announcing our court date.

I told my Grandma about this update today and she told me that yesterday morning she woke up from a dream where she could almost see Sofie. She said she felt sure that Sofie was coming soon and then today I showed up with the update! I know I’m not one who fully buys in to all the mystic spirituality stuff, mostly because there are so many crazies out there, but surprisingly, I do fully believe in dreams sometimes being communication from God… and I believe in anything spiritual my Grandma says. She has a direct line to God in an amazing-chills-miracles-happen-around-her kind of way. Hopefully, Oma’s dream means that Sofie will be home even sooner than we are thinking 🙂

Opa had a really bad day today. He is aging, his health is deteriorating and he is ready to go to Heaven. He was quite out of it and sleepy for our visit today, but likes seeing the energy Livi has… as long as she isn’t screeching 🙂 Even on his worse days he always asks about Sofie. He may not always remember her name, or the details of our adoption, but it is so special to me that he always asks about Sofie specifically. I sometimes feel like maybe he is holding on just to meet her. Maybe that is a little egocentric but he has been a very big part of my life and I’ve heard lots of stories like that. I think we might be stopping in to Oma and Opa’s house on the way home from the airport 🙂

So, what’s next you ask? Court will legally make us parents to Sofie! Assuming the judge grants the adoption, it will take about a week to prepare the Adoption Order (paper work). Once our Bulgarian agency has the Adoption order they can apply for Sofie’s new birth certificate with her new name on it and us as parents. It should take about a week to ten days. With the birth certificate, they will then apply for her passport…About another week to ten days. With her birth certificate they can also finish applying for her Canadian citizenship. Citizenship is the unpredictable beast. For our friends who adopted from Bulgaria before us, Citizenship took just over a month. They got the okay to pick their son up exactly 2 months after court. If we experience the same time line as them (and it has been pretty close so far), we will be able to pick Sofie up at the end of August.

The end of August is too late in my books… so please send up all your prayers, wishes and hopes that we get the okay to go get her sooner than that!

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