My Little Ballerina

Livi has been in ballet for a few months now and LOVES it! She practices all by herself, loves mastering new moves like the plie, and has really developed her balance, dancing, and even confidence… not that she was lacking that too much! She even got to have real dance photo’s taken and take part in her very first recital!

For the pictures parents weren’t allowed in to the room. I was so surprised but I understood how some parents could hinder the pictures a lot more than help. It was my first experience of Livi being “grown-up” enough to not need me! I think it was much harder on me than on Livi. As you can see they turned out great!
For Livi’s dress rehearsal I decided it would be okay for her to have a little make-up on for the stage. She just ate it up. Thankfully, I had explained that it was only for the stage and she hasn’t asked for it at home. 
Miss Coral putting some make-up on Livi before going on stage.

Waiting to go on stage…

There are four little girls in Livi’s class and they all did so good for both performances. No crying and they worked the audience! When Livi came off from dancing for an audience the first time she got upset and cried to me “I want more!” She was “so proud” and kept talking about how everyone clapped for her. Uh Oh… What have we introduced her too?!
Coming off stage from the dress rehearsal! 
After the last performance they all got a ribbon. Livi was so proud!
Daddy got her flowers fitting for any Diva in the making 🙂
I was very proud of my little ballerina and so glad she had so much fun. We will have to see how the schedule fits and how things go with Sofie home, but Livi is hoping to be in Ballet again next season!

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