How We Became Parents… Again.

So, if you’ve read my previous post you know that we have just had the best vacation ever! We went thinking we would enjoy a peaceful distraction from our disappointing news the week before. Instead we found out we have become parents again! My head was filled with excitement, dreams, and plans the entire week!
I guess I should start at the beginning. A lot of people want to know what changed. Honestly, it can’t be explained by anything short of a miracle. Last Tuesday we got the heartbreaking news that the although the judge had looked at our file she had not granted the adoption order and was asking for more documents. These original documents were going to take about 4 weeks to be legalized and authenticated in Ottawa before getting to Bulgaria for a new court date. On June 22, our Canadian agency received the documents and scanned copies to our Bulgarian agency before sending them to Ottawa. Anido, our Bulgarian agency  forwarded them to the judge who took a look at them and issued the adoption order! I don’t know exactly what date this took place but the adoption order takes a week to come in to effect so I’m guessing it was June 22nd or 23rd since the order took effect on June 28th!!! We had been parents again for an entire week with out even knowing it!
Monday afternoon we arrived at the property in Summerland that we have access to. It is so perfect there, despite the lady who now lives in the cabin and has kind of taken over the whole area. We had just finished setting up our camp and roasting hot dogs for dinner over the fire and starting to relax for the evening. Livi was down by the water throwing rocks when I just happened to check my email before turning my phone off. I got the email! My eyes got so wide and filled up with tears… happy of course. I just looked up at Jon and said “It’s Sofie. She’s ours.” He must have been a little confused since I was crying, but I held up my phone to him and it all made sense. Livi came up to see what was going on. I gave her a big hug and tried to explain that these were happy tears and that Sofie was officially her sister… I think she was more confused than anything though. Jon immediately started calling people. I had to stop him to give me a kiss before he called his mom. He was so excited 🙂
I need to thank all of you who prayed for the judge to reconsider our application. It was truly a miracle that he did so early. Apparently this is not normal practice. Judges usually wait for the legalized and authenticated documents. I feel so blessed! The fact that we got the information at the lake where we have so many happy memories, but where Dad actually died too seemed so fitting. We haven’t spent much time at the lake since Dad died and this was the first trip we were planning to spend a substantial amount of time there. We also used the money we got from Dad’s life insurance to pay for the Home Study and start the adoption process. Getting the news at the lake seemed to bring things full circle and truly affirmed for me that we are doing the right thing. It was perfect. Even Jon said “It makes me almost believe in a God again!”… Jon actually does believe in God they just have some issues they need to work out.
So, what’s next? Anido, our Bulgarian agency should have sent in the application for Sofie’s new birth certificate with the name we have given her and us marked as her parents this past week. That should take about a week. Then they can apply for her Bulgarian passport. About ten days. Once that is received they can send in the rest of the application for Citizenship. This should take a few weeks. We are looking at 6-8 weeks before we can actually bring her home yet. 
Jon and I are actually thinking of going to Bulgaria earlier though. We can pick her up now, we just can’t get her her in to Canada until citizenship is done. Jon also get pre-adoption leave, so he would get paid while we are in Bulgaria! We are thinking of going for 3-4 weeks with Livi! Not sure how much fun the flight home will be with two three year olds but how perfect would it be to explore Sofie’s birth country with our whole family! Plus we’d get to be with her sooner! This idea still needs some researching, talking about and juggling of dates, but we could be leaving in a month! EeeeK!
There you have it… I’ll hopefully post about the rest of our vacation later today, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “How We Became Parents… Again.

  1. LeAnna et David says:


    Bulgaria is supposed to be quite beautiful and not too hard on the budget (provided you avoid all the fraudsters), or so my friends who vacation there have told me. I hope you get to go early enough to explore it.


  2. emily says:

    i love hearing all the details! So amazing how everything worked out and came full circle… definitely seems miraculous to me too!

    And I think going early is a GREAT idea!


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