2011 Vacation Pt. 2

We enjoyed one of the best vacations in recent memory and not just because we started it off with the most amazing news 🙂 This week was the first time we really got to enjoy the property in Summerland for a substantial amount of time since Dad died. The first year the wound was still too raw and the second year we went up with friends and the weather was terrible. This year we went up alone, we were at peace and had pretty decent weather!

Within five minutes of getting to the lake, Livi was naked and in the water. 

She loved it so much there. She thought it was so funny that we encouraged her to pee in the lake! When she finally tried, she couldn’t go for a few minutes… stage fright? When I asked her at the end of our trip what her favorite part of camping was, she answered “Peeing in the lake!”  That’s my girl!

I bought sugary cereal from a box for her to carry on the tradition my mom started!

We camped at the property from Monday to Friday. Most of the time was pretty decent weather in the mid twenties with partial sun and clouds. I think next year we are going to try to go closer to August so we get the really hot weather. We stayed in the tent trailer so we had slightly better accommodations than tenting… although bed times still sucked for Livi! She finally fell asleep at 10pm the first night and 9:30pm all the other nights. Jon and I tried to sleep in the tiny bed together the first night but between the shortness of the mattress and the joints poking at me it was not a good fit. I took Livi’s bed and Jon shared the other bed with Livi. We were all much more comfortable. It was good that Livi was sharing a bed with some one the last night because with the clear sky it was freezing cold!

The first full day we were there we ventured in to Penticton so Jon could peruse his favorite book store and we could all enjoy our favorite cafe, The Gypsy Dream Cafe. It is seriously delicious. We also spent some time at the camp site, on the dock, eating smores and watching Livi play catch with the dogs who live at the cabin! She really needs a dog one of these years 🙂

Livi LOVED the Baba Ganouj at The Dream Cafe… so did Mommy and Daddy!
Chillaxin’ on the dock 🙂
The wind was making waves which was making the floating dock wobbly!
Never to young for chores!

Smores! Yummy! Livi actually didn’t love the smores together. 
She’d rather eat the chocolate, marshmallow, cookie separate. 
Wednesday morning we went to visit Jon’s Grandparents from his Dad’s side. This visit was a colossal disappointment. I know I should be understanding and have grace because they are old and from a different era but honestly should that be an excuse for such inappropriate attitudes, responses, and beliefs? With out going in to too much detail, upon hearing that we legally have a second child and made them great-grandparents again they (mainly Jon’s Grandma) did not give any congratulations but seemed to try and talk us out of it, said it was not worth it and too big a commitment, doted on Livi and said they only wanted more birth children from us. We only see them once a year but I am having a really hard time even entertaining the idea of seeing them again, let alone introducing them to Sofie. 
In order to salvage part of Wednesday, Livi and I went on a date to Summerland Sweets 
for ice cream and I got to do a fruit wine tasting. Fun!

Putting our feet up after a long day!

We always seem to get a family picture on the dock, and this year was no exception! 
This is the first family picture where there is legally four of us! 
Now if only we could just get the fourth one in the picture 🙂
My little angel… 
who may have gotten away with way too much while on vacation and wasn’t quite an angel 🙂

Cuddling up with Daddy after getting cold in the water.

Ewww… Livi thought the dog “getting her wet” was so funny. 
She played with this girl every night for hours! 
Topless sunbathing!

Thursday was the warmest and sunniest day out of the week… so what do you do when you are at a private beach on a sunny day? Topless sunbathing of course! Livi and I also went exploring up the hill to the vineyard before nap time. After naps we all went in to Penticton again so Jon could make one last stop at the book store and I could do a little more window shopping. Then we went to the playground that is on the boardwalk. Livi had such a blast the entire week. I loved seeing how happy she was!

Monkeying around!

Friday morning we packed everything up and went for our annual brunch at Santorini’s. We used to always go there as a family with Dad whenever we were there together. We have unconsciously continued the tradition. This trip was so wonderful for so many reasons. Jon had a much needed 4 hour nap one day, Livi had so much to explore and learn and play with, and I just loved seeing how happy everyone was. Next year we will have two little girls with us! Can’t wait!

Breakfast at Santorini’s

One thought on “2011 Vacation Pt. 2

  1. emily says:

    Wow, that really does sound like an amazing vacation. Such cute pictures of Livi! I'm glad you guys had a relaxing time but that sucks about Jon's grandma…. I'm sure it is a matter of her age and this being something very foreign to her.


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