Still Here – Aug 9 & 10

Tuesday was started on the heals of a really bad night for Sofie. She woke up a few times crying and woke up early. So Jon and I took turns napping in the morning. We all just hung out in the air conditioned room too. It was apparently 38 degrees outside. Sofie, of course didn’t nap today either so we headed out for some lunch around 12:30pm. I was very hungry by that point!

Sofie was, as usual, smiles and giggles, although she hadn’t been wanting to be held as much. She is probably just really over stimulated and not sure how to process everything. I literally can not wait to get home with her.  She did really impress us with her verbal abilities today! We’ve really only heard “aaaahhhh’s” from her but today she whipped out a few “bababa’s” and even a few “mamama’s”! I’m not sure I can get too excited to think that she is associating me to those “mama’s”. She showed some preferential treatment to me today too! She wanted me to carry her instead of Jon a few times and when I was napping she kept coming over to see if I was awake yet. It melts my heart a little… She’s only been with us 5 full days!

After lunch we ventured over to the National Archaeological Museum. Incredible place. There were so many Roman artifacts, as well as Thracian artifacts, and the oldest piece of bone with expressions drawn on it in Europe. It dated back over 1.1 million years ago! The also had pots and tools dating back to 3-6 million years before Christ! Crazy! I wasn’t supposed to snap pictures but I snuck in a few…

4th-6th Century family portraits!

An old Roman tomb.

The old mosaic floor from the St. Sofia Apse.

An old tomb and stones hanging outside the Museum.

In the evening we Skyped with Livi again we headed out for dinner. We knew this was pushing Sofie’s schedule a bit but we thought with her sleeping in we could get away with it. We barely did… We went to a cute little Moroccan place with some really good food. A stray cat made an appearance and Sofie surprised us with being really scared of it, even from far away. Uh oh… we have a cat. I’m not sure if she’s ever seen one or if she’s had a bad experience with one. I hope she gets over it quickly. She fell asleep during the walk home and it was a really easy transition to bed! Yay!
 Pretty restaurant.

Ewww! No tongue Sofie!

Quite pleased with herself.
We thought Wednesday was going to start off really early. Sofie woke up at 6:30am. I put her on the floor because she was tossing and turning and kicking us, she is the CRAZIEST sleeper I have ever seen. She promptly lay down on the floor and fell asleep for another 3 hours! Hooray! Mommy and Daddy were definitely thankful. We paid the price a little bit because she woke up hungry. When she gets over hungry she cries… okay, she usually cries when it comes to food, but she cries more when she is over hungry then doesn’t want anything. We coaxed a few bites in to her, enough to satisfy her we thought, then went downstairs for our own brunch. I offered her some more food there but she only wanted Daddy’s bread and kept stuffing the whole thing in her mouth. When we got back up to the room I tried offering her some more food and she ate a lot more! Maybe the restaurant was too stimulating. 
We decided to venture out to a big toy store in search of Livi’s requested ‘Tiger’, some pants for Sofie that don’t fall down, and some more baby food. We had hoped to go to the Zoo today but it was pouring! When we got back We thought Sofie was ready for a nap, but of course we were wrong 🙂 So, Jon and I lay down while she quietly walked around the bed. Eventually, she fell asleep on the floor again! Yay for nap time! It is quite a late nap so I don’t know what this will mean for bed time later but I guess every day is an adventure with Sofie! I should really wake her up though… it is 5 pm here!
Oh, I forgot to mention that I emailed the Embassy today and heard back that Sofie’s Visa is approved and getting couriered to us today! That means it should get here by tomorrow or Friday! Thanks for all the prayers! I’m SO excited for all of us to get home together! 

Just a few pictures from dinner tonight too….

Double Trouble!

* Side note: A few people have been asking about Sofie’s size. Right now she is the top of a 12 month old and the waist of a 9 month old… I think she is too tall for 9 month pants though. Not sure yet. We are getting by with 12 month size bottoms that have the elastic in the waist that I can tighten though. She can get by with some 18 month stuff but only if it fits small. So, basically, if you are planning to give her anything she could immediately use some 12 month end of summer/early fall clothes but we are hoping to fatten her up to an 18 month size for winter! *

One thought on “Still Here – Aug 9 & 10

  1. Katie says:

    I am LOVING all the pics and updates Katie!!! It is so fun hearing about your adventures with Sofie. She looks like she is a spunky little thing, quite similar to Livi maybe??!!! I think they're going to have a lot of fun together. Glad to hear you'll be coming home soon, together!


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