Goodbye Bulgaria!

We leave today! Thank God! All three of us get to go home together! I thought I would put together a Likes and Dislikes list to commemorate our goodbye….

Things I Like about my time in Bulgaria:

  1. The history!
  2. The random Roman artifacts laying around the city.
  3. The buildings and architecture!
  4. The driving… it is so fast. I believe I was born to drive in Europe, Canada can’t handle me.
  5. The luxury for cheap!
  6. Cheap Taxis.
  7. Cheap alcohol. 
  8. The hospitality of people.
  9. The shoes! 
  10. The fashions, particularly jumpers.
  11. The weather has been awesome! 
  12. Most people here speak a little bit of English! It makes it a lot easier on us English-only speakers!

Things I Dislike about my time in Bulgaria:

  1. The standard of waiting tables. Horrible. They don’t check on you. They don’t bring your bill. They take forever. Food comes out at different times!
  2. The uneven and un-kept sidewalks.
  3. Graffiti everywhere. 
  4. How the poor are soooo poor. That sounds weird. But it is true. The homeless in Vancouver are poor but there are things in place to help them and make sure they get food and sometimes shelter. The poor here don’t have any safe guards. They wanted our left over food. A Vancouver homeless person would never do that. This is a big place that Bulgaria could step up. 
  5. The food. Some of it tastes quite delicious but it is so different. I have not had a normal bowel movement since I’ve been here… both extremes.
  6. The orphanage system. My views on this are obviously apparent already. 
  7. How EVERYONE chain smokes here. Seriously, how are they all not dying of cancer?
  8. The lack of recycling and water conservation. One of their main exports is mineral water and everyone drinks it here so there is SO much glass and plastic bottles wasted!
  9. How this is a very child-unfriendly country. Not much for little kids to do, no kids menus or crayons in restaurants, and I only saw a handful of local kids at all! 
Being here with Sofie really was the right choice. Her having our undivided attention has been pretty invaluable. I think it will really go a long way on this attachment journey. She has come so far this week with us too! She already understands the signs for ‘more’, ‘all done’ and ‘food’. She cries WAY less while eating, mainly because we aren’t force feeding her and she is now able go communicate when she wants more or she is all done! She will still go to random people but she definitely recognizes Jon and I and will choose who she wants to hold her and when. She loves tickles and getting a reaction from us when she rolls herself off the bed and we run to catch her. She LOVES baths… to much. I swear she said “mama” in the bath today too! Not sure she completely understands what it means though. She loves music, dancing and interacting with people. I am so beyond excited to get home to where I am comfortable and where I can be with BOTH of my girls but I have really appreciated what I have learned and experienced while in Bulgaria. I am so thankful to this country for giving us such a precious, wonderful child!

We are off now! Pray for an uneventful trip, with no tantrums from Mommy, Daddy or Sofie and pray that Sofie eats well and we have enough cereal for her to last the trip… it will be cutting it close!

PS – My sister is going through a hard time today. The girl she works for got really sick all of the sudden, was put on life support and has chosen to be taken off today. She’s had many medical issues throughout her life and was tired. It doesn’t look like she will make it. She is very young and very loved by many. Pray for peace for everyone. It will be a day of extreme’s for Sessa… meeting her niece tonight, after possibly losing one of her dear friends the same day.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Bulgaria!

  1. Louise Chapman says:

    Have a wonderful trip!! I will be without internet for the next week so I will look forward to hearing all about you guys being together as a family of 4 for the first time!! Congratulations!!


  2. emily says:

    So glad your trip went well. Bulgaria sounds very interesting! I think it's great how Sophie was able to attach with just the two of you around…. now introducing family members will be much easier!

    Sorry to hear about your sister's friend.


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