Coming Home – Aug 14

Sunday morning, Sofie woke up just before 8… that’s 10pm on Saturday for BC’ers. Keep this in mind….

We left for the airport around 11:30am  and took off on our first flight from Sofia to London at 2:15pm Bulgarian time. Sofie fell asleep pretty quickly after take-off. The first 4 hour flight was quite uneventful and stress free… despite over 10 kids on the small plane. Sofie slept for the first hour and a half though! 
 Ready to go!

Getting in to and out of London was a little more stressful. We weren’t sure where to go for the connecting flight and we weren’t counting on having to go through security again. London was a little more stringent on their security standards then Sofia. Since we had baby food with us they searched both our bags, took everything out, made me taste 50% of the sealed jars and had us repack it all. They were nice about it but it was still really annoying. Sofie was getting frustrated and acting out a little plus we only made our connecting flight with just five minutes to spare. Jon was freaking out a little.
The 9.5 hour flight from London to Vancouver was, at times, very low. Sofie slept five minutes here and there and between hours 4-6 she just cried on and off… Mommy did too. I felt terrible for her. She was so uncomfortable and miserable. There was nothing we could do to help her. Thankfully, she cries pretty quietly so she didn’t disturb to many other passengers. For only sleeping for a total of two hours in the 23 hours of being awake Sofie did incredible. I don’t know how it was physically possible for a toddler to be awake that long and be so mellow, but she is making it a habit of surprising us every day!
 So Tired.

Finally landing around 6:45pm was such a release of emotions. Sofie was officially a Canadian citizen upon landing on Canadian soil and we were so close to seeing Livi! We had one or two more passport checks to get through and luggage to claim then we were free. Everything seemed to move pretty quickly and we raced to get out of there! 

 Everyone waiting! Jeremy and Andrew’s girlfriend are behind people.
Sessa was taking the picture.

Racing to Livi!
I started crying even before we reached the turn to the meeting area. I was holding Sofie and Jon was pushing the cart. Everyone was at the front of the waiting area. I remember hearing Liz, I think, say “there they are!” I think I started running at this point. Livi was screaming “There’s Mommy and Daddy!” She had a big sign too but I could only see her clearly. She was on the verge of tears too but I think happy tears confused her 🙂 I grabbed her up in my one arm with Sofie in my other. She kept looking at my “wet” face and back at Sofie. Jon was a few short steps behind me and scooped Livi up from me. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. All four of us were together.

 Livi was in awe.

Livi was fascinated with her “sister Sofie”. It was so precious. She wasn’t sure if she could touch her or not… I think she just wanted to feel if she was real and give her hugs and kisses. Sofie was a little overwhelmed but took it in stride as usual! We sat in the arrival for a few minutes while everyone took a ton of pictures and got their chance to say hi. The car ride home was long but I think I fell asleep so it passed by quickly. Sofie fell asleep, finally around 9pm in the car too. That’s right, she slept for two hours in twenty three!

Meeting Auntie Liz!
 Meeting Auntie Sessa!

Meeting Marmee!
Meeting Gramma!

When we got home, we just transferred Sofie to her bed and collapsed ourselves. For the first night we had decided that we would try Sofie on her ‘big girl’ bed, Livi could choose who she wanted to sleep with in our bad and the other parent would sleep in Livi’s bed by Sofie. This was a great arrangement and the timing of getting home was perfect! We all slept until 8 in the morning! Hooray! Livi woke up once to go pee and then was scared of Sofie’s snoring 🙂 Although she had originally chosen to sleep with Daddy, when she got scared she wanted Mommy 🙂 I was fine with that because it meant I could sleep in my own bed! Jon was a little miffed that I stole his spot but since it was 3 in the morning I figured we each got about half a night in the good bed!

Waking up, at home with both my girls was priceless. We pulled them both in bed for some cuddles. Livi was adoring and Sofie was eating it up! This moment was what we had been waiting for. It was perfect. I love my girls.

 Morning cuddles!
 Sister Love!

5 thoughts on “Coming Home – Aug 14

  1. Daughter of the King says:

    I thought that I had cried enough tears of joy from reading the past posts and seeing all the pictures but I guess not! Such a wonderful sight to see you all together as a family! Livi and Sofie look like they have always been sisters:) I can't wait for Aiden and Sofie to meet one day!


  2. Jaclyn_Rose says:

    This is an awesome post! I love how cute they are together already… great job on surviving the flights too! They are hard enough with a toddler who you've been around since birth, let alone one that's just met you a couple weeks before 🙂


  3. carol says:

    I'm so happy for you!! Your girls are yummalicious beautiful. Thinking of you as you settle into the new groove of a family of four. It looks like you're off to a marvelous start.


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