3 Months

Sofie has been home for 3 months now! I always think that the anniversary is the 15th because we got in so late on the 14th and the 15th was our first day at home together. Really our Gotchya Day is the 4th, so I’m really late! I try to remember the day were where first home together in Canada though. It all seemed more real and completed then.

So, a three month update on Sofie…

– She is talking so much more. She says ‘up’ and ‘Mama’ the clearest and most frequent. She can also say ‘Dada’, ‘Ney’ (‘No’ in Bulgarian), ‘Hi’, ‘Bye Bye’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Baby’. She mimics all of our signing really well but I can only tell that she has ‘more’, ‘all done’, ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ and ‘Mama’ (which she signs more like ‘Daddy’) down really well.
– She is very good at getting her point across. You know when she is pleased or mad. She can throw quite the epic little tantrum but as soon as we pick her up she usually just melts.
– Just yesterday Sofie learned to push herself with her feet on her rolling ladybug toy. She is still quite cautious since she has had a few spills, she needs to remember to hold on, but she is getting it!

– We left her with my mom for a few hours for the first time on Nov 4 and she did great! (She happened to be sleeping the entire time and didn’t even know we were gone!
– Received her Canadian Passport!
– She went Trick-or-Treating for the first time!
– She is still LOVING music class and music in general. She will dance to anything. It can entertain her for hours and put her to sleep each day! She even knows how to turn the stereo on and off herself.

Grooving to the beat at Music Class
She LOVES Music Class 🙂

– She is learning to play with toys! I didn’t notice this development with Livi so much because it was so natural age related but I am loving watch it develop with Sofie. She will sit and play with farm animals and make them interact. She plays with blocks, dolls, papers and loves doing dress-up things with necklaces, hats, or basically anything you put on your head. The only thing with the hats and necklaces is that it is very interactive for her. She wants you to play it with her and do it exactly how she wants over and over and over and over again … even though I don’t always understand exactly how she wants it!
– She is developing her independence and always wants to be helpful… at least that is what I’m choosing to believe and ignoring the fact that she is just obsessed with opening and closing doors. She will close all the doors for me and it can be quite helpful, like the microwave or fridge. Sometimes she closes doors with her still inside them though and hasn’t yet figured out how to open them yet, like her bedroom.

-Sofie hasn’t gained any weight this month and is still sitting at 22 pounds. She may have even lost half a pound. I’m not really sure what a good weight gain should be but she is definitely still looking healthier every day. Her hair is thicker and shinier and her skin tone is so much improved. She got some really dry skin on her face and chin when the weather changed but that was taken care of with lots of lotion. But, all in all, she is pretty healthy. We have a follow up with her pediatrician in January, but he still hasn’t made any referrals to specialists yet. I keep calling and don’t get any where. I’m a little frustrated with that. It would be nice to know for sure that her heart murmur is really nothing.
-She had her first emergency visit and stitches due to an unfortunate altercation with her sister (see previous post).

I can’t believe it has only been three months with her home. She is settling in so well! She is flourishing and I can’t imagine life with out her now!

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