I feel like I should blog but I don’t have much to blog about right at this moment. This week is really busy and involves a lot of waiting for things.

1. We are still waiting for Sofie’s Care Card. It was supposed to be processed by Friday but wasn’t so we are still waiting. I’m going to try calling tomorrow.
2. Thursday I should be able to call and get an answer as to whether we qualify for some preschool subsidy for Livi this year. I kind of think that we won’t qualify, in which case Livi won’t be going to preschool until September. We decided we would save our money for when we have to put both girls in together. That is going to be a tight 10 months on our budget. We still really would like Livi in alone first but it may not work out that way.
3. We are waiting for the girls Christmas pictures that I’ll use for the Christmas cards this year! They were mailed out to us today and I can’t wait to see them! A fellow blogger and excellent photographer offered to give us some pictures as an adoption gift! They have a studio in their home so I thought Christmas pictures in matching dresses would be crazy adorable. You’ll have to wait until at least the first advent to see them though. Check out the Chapman’s photography in the mean time though…
4. Once we have Sofie’s Care Card I need to kick it in to high gear with a big round of paperwork and appointments. I need a doctor to sign off on a lot of funding applications I need to send in for her and even tax credits as well. Will the paperwork ever stop?
5. We also are waiting to check out an elementary school we are interested in sending the girls too. It is an integrated arts school across town but we aren’t sure how the special needs class is. I love the idea of integrated arts to foster Livi’s creativity and learning outside of the box. I also love the idea for Sofie to be able to be included in the academic parts of learning through art even if she doesn’t completely understand the lessons. We’ll have to wait and see.
6. I’m waiting and dreading getting a crown on Wednesday.
7. We are also waiting for Christmas! Livi asks everyday if it is Christmas yet and after we say not yet she responds with “I’ve been waiting for Christmas for SUCH a LONG time!”. December is filled with Christmas gatherings to keep her entertained. Each weekend we have at least two Christmas parties! One of those parties I am feeding my extended family. 35 people. Wish me luck!
7. I’m also waiting for Mexico! A family reunion at an all-inclusive over New Years! I’ve never been on that kind of a vacation and seriously can not wait!

3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Katie says:

    sounds like you're going to need that vacation after all that paperwork and your crazy calendar in December!
    How fun! Looking forward to seeing you guys in the near future šŸ™‚


  2. Leanne says:

    Lucas just started Kindergarten this year at a fine arts school. Overall, it's fantastic. I have a lot of thoughts about the pros and cons. If you don't have anyone else to chat with about it and if you're interested feel free to ask.


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