Jekyll and Hyde

About a week ago it seemed like a switch flipped for Livi. She is hot and cold. She can be so helpful one second and completely deadly the next. I don’t know how to parent this and I’m starting to react in ways that I hate. I need to change something but I don’t know what or how.

She was terrible today. I cried and I don’t do that often when it comes to parenting. I’ve always been quite sure with the choices I have made when it comes to parenting. Livi was a really good kid and I thought I could take some of the credit for that. Then this week happened. She has been defiant as often has she has taken a breath. She mimics what we say in that sassy ten year old voice with the head nod to go with it. She yells at us and tells us she is going to do the opposite of what we have asked her too. She says she can’t calm herself down or that her “story” says she has to do whatever. (She got the story thing from the cartoon Super Why where they have to zap a word to change the story and have the characters do something different. We thought it was cute at first, but now? Not so much.) Tonight, she lost the privilege of going out on a quick shopping trip with Jon and threw a huge tantrum. It even involved throwing furniture! 
I’m at my whits end. I’ve tried be really strict and I’ve tried talking everything out to a painful degree but neither have seemed to help change the behavior. I’ve tried giving her extra attention but doesn’t seem to be enough to help. She enjoys helping me in everyday things and has been a super big with all the casseroles I made this week. She takes a lot of pride in helping us. She can be the happiest little angel be a helpful little bee and switch before I can even realize she is switching. Jekyll and Hyde. 
Like I said, today was rough. I’m hoping tomorrow is better and even if it isn’t I hope that I have the strength to handle it better. Will this pass or is this what the next 20 years are going to be like. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 
At least I’m not this mom…

One thought on “Jekyll and Hyde

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha, one of my daughters did this with baby powder for my husband while I was at work. Not the same extreme but it took so long to get it out. Everytime we thought it was clean, the powder would settle again. At least it smelled ok ha ha!

    As for your daughter, maybe stop watching super Why for a while to get that out of her system. It is amazing what comes out of watching tv…even the “cute” shows. We've had problems with certain kid shows too. Just change the show or cut it out. Reintroduce tv when her attitude perks up again.

    As a mom of five girls, Livi seems quite normal. It is interesting for me, because we can watch our girls start a “phase” such as the one Livi is going through, and then end it. Then the next girl will follow almost the same one around the same age (but with their own flair added to it).

    My favourite quote of yours: “She mimics what we say in that sassy ten year old voice with the head nod to go with it.” YEP! Just wait until she goes to school…grr! Choose your battles and put a stop to the disrespecting as it comes up. Be consistent and roll with it. It is a rollercoaster at Daughterland.



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