Bedtime Success!

This last week with bedtimes have been wonderful! Livi has realized we mean business and I think with the slightly later bedtime and extra attention she gets she is feeling more secure and tired! Hooray! I get to keep nap time for a little while longer at least!

The first night or two of our new plan sucked, but we kind of expected that… although hoped it would be a breeze. We start getting Sofie ready for bed around 7. Her routine, getting changed, pediasure, brushing teeth (when we remember), cuddling in her big bed, rocking in the dark, then bed, takes about 15-30 minutes depending on how quick we are being. We start getting Livi ready for bed between 7:30 and 7:45. She gets changed, a story or two, bathroom and bed. She sometimes tries a few excuses to stay up. Who can blame her? She is three after all. For the most part she goes to sleep quite easily now with only no need to go in there after she is down for the night!

I was feeling so confident with our new found success that I decided to tackle the issue of night time toilet training! Finally.

Before Sofie came home Livi was consistently dry during her naps and frequently in the mornings. Because we were leaving for 2 weeks and the disruption of a new sister, we figured it would be a waste of our energy to try toilet training before we left. We were right. With Sofie home Livi began having accidents during the day, and was no longer dry during naps or night.

We decided to give at least 6 months before we even started talking about it with Livi. Unfortunately, during these 6 months, I think Livi got used to going in her pull-ups. She would consciously go in her diaper when she was awake even. So frustrating.

With the success of this week., we decided to go for it. Cold turkey, we stopped using pull ups. Night number one was a bust. We tried to wake her up to pee but she fought us all three times and woke up wet twice. Nap time, in our bed scared me but she was dry! Night number 2 had only one accident and successful toileting twice! Nap was again dry! Night number three had Livi getting up twice, all by herself, to tell us she had to pee! YAY! YAY! She did have one accident at 5:30am but she had been up at 5 to crawl in to bed with us saying she didn’t have to pee. We let her go back to bed with out pushing her to go to the toilet. I think her body did wake her up but she fought actually going to the toilet.

I’m thinking this is going to be easier than I thought! It wouldn’t be as easy with out those soaking pads used for extra coverage on top of sheets. Her accidents have been small enough that we haven’t had to even change her sheets! It is all contained on the soak pads! I got one at Toys-R-Us and a few left over from my Grandpa, but I’m sure you could find them at Walmart or Rehab stores! Can’t recommend them enough!

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