7 Months Home!

Sofie has been home for 7 months now! I looked at her this month and saw a little girl, not the baby that I’m used to seeing. She is growing up and going to be such a beautiful young lady.

 Feeling violated…

So are you wondering what is new this month?!

  • Sofie is so good at giving us hugs now. It is so nice. One of my favorite times of day is night time cuddles with her. We lay down on her big girl bed looking at each other and touching each other’s faces. Then I pick her up and she snuggles in to my neck giving me hugs, while I rock and sing to her. 
  • Her language is continuing to take off yet not consistently. We hear her say new words one day then not again for quite a while. This month we’ve heard her say Uh-Oh, Hat, Wow, Sleep, and Down. Her words are muffled and even I have to listen carefully but she is saying them!
  • She has started singing! She sings parts of her lullaby with me, in her own way. I love it. She sings notes at music class too.
  • We left her over night for the first time this month. She did great. She had lots of fun with my sister. No out of the ordinary behaviors. She even smiled and came over too us for a hug when we came home!
  • Sofie hardly ever pulls hair any more. She grabs glasses so much less. She still hits but not as hard and hurtful as she used too. I need to focus on that when she is tired or hungry and her behaviors get exasperated. 
  •  She did a somersault! It was so cute. I wish I had got it on video. We were watching the dancing on Footloose and she was copying … which ended up being bouncing on all fours and doing somersaults. 
  • Sofie has been working really hard at gaining weight and growing bigger. We saw a dietitian last month and now have her on one Pediasure a day, along with lots of healthy calorie rich food. I have even gone so far as to mix her juice with whip cream! Although she loved it, she is still not gaining enough weight or height. She is still 33 inches and 24.5 lbs. I don’t know what the dietitian is going to say or suggest on Monday. She is not unhealthy. Her BMI is good now, and she is on the charts but there is some concern as to why she has not grown and almost stopped gaining weight.  

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