Easter 2012

Sofie’s first Easter was pretty awesome…
As you can see from this amazing picture! 
After church, in their Sunday best, I asked them to smile 🙂 You’d think I had just said I ate all their chocolate.

Good Friday we had my family Easter dinner. My sister always insists on a hunt for our Purdy’s bags. 
Sofie got Marmee to help. 

Saturday my sister came over to help tie die some eggs!
Maggy had fun 🙂
Sofie was staring at us like we were crazy. She didn’t get it. 
Actually, I don’t either. Why do we color eggs. Bunny’s don’t lay eggs? What’s the connection?
Checking out the awesomeness!
Thanks to Pinterest I decided to introduce planting eggs…
….that grow in to lollipops!
The girls woke up and followed the trail of eggs the Easter bunny dropped when he was hopping around the house so fast…
It led them to their baskets!
Mommy asked the Easter bunny for towels for the girls. 
the ones we have were getting awefully thin, so I figured it was a great none chocolate present! 
Jon thought it was weird but I convinced him with the fact that it filled their basket with less chocolate and I would have eventually bought new towels anyway!
Happy Easter everyone! Spring is here! Jesus is Alive! Life is good!

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