8 Months Home!

I was too busy yesterday and missed getting this post up! I was pretty busy today too so it might be a little short.

Sofie has been home for 8 months now! Yay! We are so blessed. Like SERIOUSLY blessed. Man we love her. The girls are getting along better. There is much less hair pulling and fighting over toys. Sofie seems to have replaced some of her previous unwanted behavior with pushing and the word “No”. It is a whined “No” actually. I’m so tired of hearing it. Helping her learn to talk seems to be back firing…

Other than the word no we are loving hearing her talk. She has been saying more words this month. She is starting to say animal sounds and even said “boobies” and “Sess” for her Auntie Sessa. We got to celebrate our first World Down Syndrome Day with our angel. We had our first trip to Children’s Hospital and got some wonderful news about Sofie’s heart. We watched Sofie enjoy not understand her first Easter! She didn’t get the whole egg thing but enjoyed the chocolate! She started her first swim lessons. Parent and Tot, but is still warming up to them. I got to see her kick her first ball too! She is so awesome.

The really exciting news this month is how much weight she has gained and how much she has grown! She is up over 26 lbs and 34 inches! That is a pound this month and an entire inch/2.5 cm! The doctors were getting slightly concerned about her lack of growth. She’s only grown about 1.5 cm up until this month. Now a whole 2.5 cm in a month! No wonder her leggings seemed tighter. Since no one has any real experience with such prolonged malnutrition they weren’t really sure if the lack of growth was caused by something more permanent or if her bones were just taking a little longer to accept the nutrition and start growing. I’m so glad her bones are growing now! She is going to be in a size 3 before I’m ready for it! I’ll add a picture of  my chunky monkey as soon as I get one uploaded!

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