9 Months!

Sofie has been home for 9 months now! I know it’s cliche but, where has the time gone? Sometimes it feels like she is still quite new but usually it feels like she has always been with us. She was born to be in our family, our daughter and Livi’s sister. We love her so much.

 “What are you looking at punk?”

I don’t usually think about it but sometimes I get so sad that we didn’t get to her sooner. We know almost nothing for sure about her life in Bulgaria. She has a scar that isn’t documented on any of her reports. It is a pretty deep and I hate that I don’t know. She still has night mares. Much less then she used too but I’m sure they are built from memories of her past. I hate that she can’t tell me about it. She has had a lot more behaviors in the last few weeks since I’ve been preoccupied with the move. She needs a lot of attention still and reassurance that we can meet her needs.

Enough about the hard stuff… This is a celebration post! 9 months home! She is doing amazing! She is looking plumper although still hanging out around 26 pounds but growing! (I’ll update the actual number tomorrow.) She sang words at music this month! Kendra (her teacher) noticed too and beamed along with me. She helped me celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom to two! Although I haven’t noticed to many new solid words, some are getting much clearer. She does lack the confidence to use much speech in front of others. She generally saves it for when she is home. She had her first dental cleaning and did pretty good! She had her 4th birthday and first one with us! She is putting more things in her mouth. She has had two different textures in her mouth and liked it and even ate bark mulch today! Crazy land!

She is getting more adventurous too! Not sure that is a good thing… 
We love you Sofie! You are perfectly you and we are so thankful for you!

One thought on “9 Months!

  1. Katrina says:

    She is so precious! Love how her personality shines through on the photos 🙂 So thankful with you that she is doing so well now that she is with her family.


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