So, I guess I’m about 8 weeks now… I’m still having a bit of a rough time rapping my head around it but I am getting excited. I’m starting to think about whether it will be a boy or a girl. Wondering what it will be like to give birth again… hoping for as good as an experience as I had with Livi. Getting excited for the newborn cuddles, first smiles, first words, first steps, etc.

This pregnancy is NOTHING like my first pregnancy. I had next to no symptoms until well in to my second trimester. Just some sore boobs really. Everything is starting so much earlier this time. I had insomnia and heartburn from before I knew I was pregnant. I just thought it was because I was eating crappy. The fatigue has been debilitating. I’m hoping that this it is in part because of all the stress of the move. Although, I had insomnia with Livi, with children this time and insomnia now I’ll probably be pretty tired the rest of my life! I have already had carpel tunnel symptoms in my wrists. That didn’t start last time until almost the third trimester. I also have started with the nausea. I didn’t have that at all with Livi and was hoping to skate by with out it this time too. Not so lucky. I thought it was just from the fatigue and stress at first, but today it was clear. I have some morning sickness. All day. I’m dizzy too. This kid must be a boy. Boys will mess you up! In a good way I guess 🙂

I never really thought pregnancy brain was a real thing either, until now. I have it BAD. I forget what I am doing, saying or eating in the middle of the activity. I don’t get basic concepts (like our new mortgage) that have never been a problem for me before. I can’t think straight. It is so frustrating.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this move being over and finding out if all these symptoms are due to being pregnant or the stress of the move.

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