One More Week

We are moving in about a week. Thanks to my mother in law, I’m not overly stressed about the packing. We have a bit more to do, but it isn’t overwhelming. I think nearly everything on the pre-move list is done except for changing our address at the post office. I’m excited!

I’m not excited that we have to take from our furniture budget and buy a new laptop. Sofie dumped an entire glass of milk flat on the keyboard and fried the wireless card. The good thing about it is I think I can convince Jon to get me a Macbook Pro for my birthday now… as long as I keep it far away from Sofie!

My first midwife appointment is coming up this week. I’m excited to actually connect with her and hope everything works out. I was asked, yesterday, about whether I wanted a boy or a girl. With Livi, I couldn’t imagine having a boy and was even a little scared of the possibility. I needed to have a girl. I come from a family of girls. I am a girl. I don’t know how to parent or even play with a little a boy. This time, while a girl would be in my comfort zone and a little cheaper to wear all the hand-me-downs of Livi and Sofie, I find myself kind of wanting a baby boy. Not sure what changed, but I think I just want the experience. I love the family grouping of “Daddy and his girls” but am starting to understand wanting a Daddy to have a son. I can honestly say that with this pregnancy I will be very happy and content with either gender.

With this pregnancy being so different from my first, I’m also starting to be convince that I am carrying a boy. Boys will mess you up… in the best way possible… I guess.

So, just a quick update. Not sure how much blogging I’ll get in this week without a laptop to write on in the evenings. My phone is too small to blog on. I’m hoping to write after my midwife appointment though!

Take care and send peaceful, energetic thoughts and prayers my way this week!

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