– She is dramatic. SO. DRAMATIC.
– We are night training her until we go camping, when I will put her in pull ups again because I don’t want to have an accident there. We will re-evaluate when we return but I’m really hoping to have this figured out before baby comes. She has one smallish accident every other night or so. She has yet to get up by herself to go pee. We started with waking her twice a night and now are down to only toileting her once before we go to sleep. The accident’s happen if we don’t get her up early enough. Not usually in the middle of the night so I’m counting that as progress!
– Livi got her hair cut “long in the front and short in the back.” An inverted bob. She wanted her hair cut short like Daddy so this was a compromise.
– The TV show ‘Little Bear’ was talking about a prince from Bulgaria. Livi pipes up “Princes can’t come from Bulgaria! Only babies come from Bulgaria!”
– Livi is very excited to start gymnastics again in the fall. 

– You just read her 11 month update post so not much has happened in the last week.
– Sofie’s beloved Music Together teacher has decided to back to teaching. So sad for us but happy for you Kendra! We found a family oriented Kindermusik class for her. It has big shoes to fill in our eyes but I had to have her some kind of music class.
– I’m also getting Sofie in gymnastics. I think she’ll like it and it will be good for her balance and strength. Her class is right before Livi’s so it works out perfectly! We are doing the parent and tot class with her.
– She ate two almonds tonight! Crazy! First, I’m amazed that she had the jaw strength to chew through it. Second, I’m amazed that she ate it despite the new texture! Proud of my girl!

– He is pretending to not be stressed out with work right now but his not sleeping properly the last few nights is telling me otherwise. There are some potentially great things happening and some really frustrating things. Hopefully everything works out for the best! Pray please!
– He wants to make bookcases instead of buying them for his 1500 books. History shows me that his intentions are great and has fabulous skill but he can take over 5 years to finish a book case…. and it still isn’t finish sanded and had the final stain. I’m hoping this one takes less than a month. What are the chances?
– He is such a good Daddy and husband. He handles a house full of emotional girls with patience and grace.

– All our house reno’s are nearly done! We just have to finish the fence. Everything looks great. Super happy with the guy we hired. Ask me for his name if you are looking!
– The second trimester of this pregnancy is so much better than the first! My energy has returned! That is a big one for me. I’m starting to get some slight hip and back pain during the night. Nothing major but I’ll have to watch this and stay active.
– I had a long conversation with one of the midwives about the whole gestational diabetes thing. She put some of my concerns to rest. For the other concerns I basically have to wait and see. She agreed with me about not needing to go back to the diabetes clinic where I was getting conflicting information. Basically, we decided that I would see my own doctor to take care of the diabetes thing and stay with the midwives for the pregnancy. Issues may only arise if I have to go on insulin. The midwife seemed to think my numbers were pretty good, although she can’t make any official calls related to that. They can still support me through everything and even if I have to transfer to an OB because of insulin, they can take me back post birth to do the home visits which I was really looking forward too. I still have an appointment with the Maternity Group to discuss things next week, but I am feeling much better about everything.
– Ultrasound is booked for August 12! Hopefully we’ll find out the gender 🙂
– I’m anxious about getting the house finished but trying to balance that with catching up on our finances post move. Not sure I’m doing such a great job.
– Baby finances have me a little nervous right now. We need a mini van to fit the kids in safely, so Sofie doesn’t hit the baby or Livi. We also need it to be our second car. With the kids going to school 3 days a week, I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk them with a newborn in the snow. That might just be hell. Plus Sofie has various doctor and therapist appointments numerous times a month. Jon needs a car for work most days so I don’t know how we would manage on one car anymore. I also don’t know how we can afford a second car. I need some prayer for this please.

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