Summerland 2012!

We were again blessed to get to go to the property in Summerland. The property is owned by the only son of the family who sponsored Jon’s Grandma’s family over from Holland. The son has no family left so we get to use the his property. Jon has been every year of his life I think, and I’ve been going with every year since we’ve been married. Livi’s gone every year since she was born and this was Sofie’s first year! It is actually where Jon’s Dad died 4 years ago of a heart attack and where we became legal parents to Sofie last year.

Bitter sweet but such a special place filled with wonderful memories. It was full circle for us last year hearing the news that Sofie was miraculously ours, but even more this year as we got to bring Sofie there. We had also been able to use the life insurance money we were given to pay for our adoption home study which was the first step in bringing Sofie home!

I feel like Dad is there. He loved it there and was so relaxed at the lake. I remember how he just relaxed reading in the shade, how he BBQ’d and how he would surprise us with trips to town for breakfast or ice cream. I kind of feel like I’m introducing the girls to their only Grampa at the lake. Maybe that is silly, but I am comforted by the thought. Going to his grave is of no value to me. He is not there. He is resting in peace at the lake… a bit of his Heaven on earth.

We stayed camping at the lake for three nights. It is real camping too. No running water and no electricity. Jon’s sister and brother in law came with us which was a huge help and lots of fun! I was a little terrified of camping alone with the girls. After everything was set up, our delicious dinner was eaten and the kids were in bed, we got to witness a spectacular lightning and thunder storm. The following night was even more amazing with rains and wind! Thankfully we went out for dinner the second night and missed most of it at the campsite.

We visited Jon’s paternal grandparents the first morning, who we only see once a year when we go there. I was, admittedly, very nervous about this visit. Last year when we told them we were adopting a child with DS and in fact just became legal parents the day before, they did not respond well. They were very negative about people with DS and adoption. It went well though. They welcomed Sofie and I hope we showed them how much of a blessing she is. They were not negative about anything too us or in front of the kids which was my biggest fear. They even commented, in surprise, how well behaved the girls were. It was a very successful first meeting for them with Sofie and I’m thankful for that.

After some time in the lake the first afternoon we got to see a small black bear on the hill of the property. We’ve never seen a bear there before at this time of year. A little scary with the kids but it went away without incident. We had to pack up early that afternoon because of the storm coming. We headed in to Penticton where they have a huge used book store that Jon must stop at each year. There was a torrential down pour as we hid in shops on Main street until we went for our dinner at our favorite restaurant there. We usually do lunch so the dinner menu which was extra special because of a performance there that night. I much prefer their regular lunch menu. Oh well, next year 🙂

After the incredible storm we slept soundly and spent the whole next day relaxing by the lake. The water was colder because the wind had stirred everything up but the girls and their Daddy still made it in. We packed up early on the last morning but still didn’t make it out until 10. We stopped at Summerland Sweets to get Livi some promised ice cream and me some ice wine honey!

It was a fabulous holiday and I’m so glad the girls had fun. We are so blessed and I love my little family. We have a pretty amazing life 🙂

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