I’m 30

I finally joined the club! Turning 30 really isn’t that big of a deal to me. I’m too busy with little ones to care! I do look in the mirror every once in a while and think that I look so much older than I used too. This is probably amplified by the fact that I rarely wear make-up, usually just have my hair in a pony tail and am wearing sweats frequently covered with kids slobber or food. Oh well, that’s my wonderful life right now!

Livi and Jon went and picked out a purse for my present. They did pretty good too! Maybe not the color I would choose so Jon has the receipt if I want to exchange it. Not sure if that would hurt Livi’s feelings or not. Jon said she didn’t really pick it out because the ones she wanted to get me were over $100 and covered in bling. That’s my girl! Expensive taste 🙂

We had to change the plans for my birthday around a little since I went and got myself knocked up and can’t drink. For my birthday best friends from college and my sisters are coming out for dinner at Moxie’s tonight. Yummy food and good friends can always make an evening fabulous. Then, one of our friends were able to get a posh cabin in Hemlock for free for us to hang out at. The boys will get drunk, the girls (half of whom are pregnant) will laugh and talk and snack. One sister can’t sleep over but she is sending my birthday cake along to enjoy. Delicious!

Thanks everyone for making me feel so special with all your comments on Facebook!

Stay tuned for my baby post tomorrow… I have my 20 week ultrasound and I’m really hoping to find out the gender! There is an official policy that doesn’t allow them to tell but sometimes, if you get a nice technician, you can get around that by asking “should I keep all my girl clothes?” If not I’ll have to wait until September 1 when my mom has booked a 3D ultrasound. The 3D thing is really for her. I could take it or leave it but I think my Grandma is going to come and it is going to blow their minds 🙂

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