Bad Blogger

August is always such a busy month for us so I don’t get a chance to blog but it is the month where there is so much to blog about! We have Sofie’s Gotchya Day, mine and Jon’s anniversary, mine and Livi’s birthday and Sofie’s Home Day! Plus it is usually the month when we go on vacation and some day trips too!

This month I had an extra special treat! One of my best friends, Alana, from college who lives in Winnipeg came out to see me and brought her handsome little man! Alana and I were Maid’s of Honor at each other’s weddings 7 (I think) and 8 years ago. The last time we saw each other was 3 years ago when I was given a fabulous gift to fly out with Livi and see her! This time was her turn! I got to meet her one year old son finally and she got to meet Sofie! Not sure when we’ll get to see each other again since we’ll both probably have another kid in the near future. Maybe we’ll have to plan a girls trip to some where exotic and kid free once the kids are old enough!

Girl time is definitely different with kids! It consisted of hanging out with toys at home, nap time, kiddie pool time, and a dairy farm and petting zoo trip. We did get to go shopping with only one kid though! I haven’t been shopping in years! She came over the weekend so Jon could stay home with the girls. We even got to go to a movie after the kids where in bed! So wonderful to be able to see her and meet her not so little baby!

Then Jon and I got to celebrate our anniversary! We have been married for 8 years today! My sister babysat while we tried a new restaurant called Seasonal 56. It tries to use all in season and local food. The chef was very talented and I love the premise of restaurant. We had a coupon from Living Social that got us a chef personalized 4 course meal for 50% off! The delicious food and wonderful date was made so much better that we got it for such a good deal!

Doesn’t the food look pretty?
We forgot a picture of dessert because we just started eating it 🙂

I love my husband and am so blessed that he loves me back. I think we are an unlikely, wonderful match. We are so different but have almost exactly the same priorities in life. I love being his wife, the mother of his kids, and his friend… most of the time 🙂 Love you babe!

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