Day Trip Weekend!

We had a last Hoorah! a few weekends ago to say goodbye to the end of the summer. On the Saturday we took the girls and E, a little girl I do some behavior intervention with, to Science World! The older two girls had a blast, Sofie was very over stimulated, and Jon and I were hyper vigilant for fear of losing a child. I think we did okay though 🙂 There is so much to see there!

The prettiest Mona Lisa I’ve ever seen 🙂
Sofie loved the water table, of course.

The Monday of the same weekend we went to the PNE! SO MUCH FUN! It was really an awesome day. Both girls did awesome. Sofie was still a few inches too short for the rides but Livi was VERY excited to go on her first roller coaster. She was convinced she was going to go on the upside down coaster, despite us telling her she was too little. “I’ll ask the worker” she told us. She pointed out every upside down ride there, asking to ride it. I think we will be going to Playland next year and getting her an all day riding pass.

On her first Roller Coaster. She was nearly in tears of happiness getting off it. 

There was a fountain area beside one of the stages that the girls got to cool off in. I think this was one of the highlights. Livi kept running up and down the stream screaming “This is the best day ever!” Both girls got soaked but I had a change for each of them.

She was also screaming at one point “It’s fun to get wet and make mistakes!” 

Sofie trying to see the dancers on the stage.
Chowing down on some mini donuts! A PNE must 🙂
We all had a lot of fun. Even with so many people around I don’t think any of us got too over stimulated. We just had a really awesome family day. I love my family. I am so blessed. We had an end of the year BBQ/Open house for family and friends too. We have so many things to celebrate in August we thought we’d just have a big celebration evening and show everyone our new digs. It turned out really well and was nice and laid back, just the way I like it. 
Now we are looking towards September! I can’t believe I just registered my girls for kindergarten next year! It’s early for us because I want them to go to a fine arts public school that fills up really quick. They are going to three half days of preschool a week starting Sept 10. I’m so nervous. Livi is very excited. I should probably make another post for that though 🙂 I’m also meal planning again. I really need to stay on top of this. We save so much money when I do it properly. Sept 1 is the start date!
Enjoy your last few days of summer! 

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