My girls are starting preschool in ten days. I’m so nervous about it. Not really sure why. Livi loved preschool for the five months that she went last year.

I think the wild card here is Sofie. I’m worried for how successful she will be. Originally, I wanted to hold Sofie back a year and start her now in 3 year old preschool… but that can’t happen with the way the funding works for an assistant. CDC covers an assistant up until the child reaches 5 years old. The school system takes over funding an aid at 5 years old. If I was to hold Sofie back and start her in 3 yr old preschool now that she is four, no one would fund an aid for her at 4 year old preschool, when she would be 5. Confusing, right?

Basically, what we decided is to go ahead and put Sofie in with her sister in to 4 year old preschool, 2.5 hours three days a week. Next year they will both go to kindergarten, in separate classes. I’ve already registered them for kindergarten even! I want them in a choice Fine Arts public school so we had to register really early. Sofie will then repeat kindergarten. I need to fight for this because the school board doesn’t want me to hold her back but the principal is on my side so I WILL GET WHAT IS BEST FOR MY GIRLS!

I’m very stuck on Sofie being held back for numerous reasons. She has had little to no early intervention in her life. All the child development books talk about how important early intervention is. I figure, Sofie is going to benefit from developing in the younger grades than the academic senior grades. Plus, special needs kids frequently get to do a grade 13 at the end of their school career. This is because CLBC doesn’t start funding support until they turn 19. I figure, Sofie is going to benefit more from an extra year in the beginning than in the end. Sofie is also, technically, ESL. I think an extra year to learn the language better and understand social cues a bit better will also be crucial at this point.

Another huge factor in this decision is the fact that I don’t want to “twin” my girls. Livi is our first child. She is developmentally older than Sofie as well. I want her to feel like the “big” girl we talk about her being. I want them to each have their own friends. I don’t want Livi to feel extra responsible for her sister. That will probably be a natural outcome with the way our family is, but I want to limit that as much as possible. I also don’t want other kids and teacher to rely on Livi to take care of her sister.

So, both girls are starting in a preschool that is known for having “high expectations” and kind of more “academic” if a preschool can be academic. I think Livi will flourish. She is so ready to start reading. I just haven’t had the energy to start that with her. I think preschool will give us the extra push we need. Sofie is ready to have more expected of her. She needs a change of environment from being just at home with me. There is only so much a mom can do sometimes. I’m excited to see how preschool helps with her vocabulary and social skills… hopefully.

September also means the beginning of gymnastics, which Livi has been talking about for months! Sofie is also going to be doing a Parent and Tot gymnastics class. I actually foresee her having a lot of fun with this. The classes are back to back so I don’t know how well the waiting period is going to be for each other. And, we are so excited to get to go back to the music class that Sofie LOVES! A new teacher but the same program which I am so happy about because it is inclusive of all ages, infants to school aged. I’m also taking a speech therapy class to be able to help Sofie communicate better. I’ve heard good things about it so I’m looking forward too it.

It’s going to be a busy fall! Before I’m ready Christmas will be here and then a new baby! I can’t wait to see how much we all grow as a family in the next few months. It’s going to be good!

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