The Reveal

My mom really wanted to give us a 3D ultrasound. She is fascinated by the technology so as much as the gift was for us… if was for her 🙂 We invited my Grandma along to who was just as amazed. The 3D stuff was really neat but I was mostly excited to find of the gender.
The verdict is in….
It’s a GIRL!
I was convinced I was having a boy up until a few weeks ago when I started having a few dreams of having a girl. I have a bit of a weird connection with dreams. They, more frequently than can be explained by coincidence, come true or been true with out my knowing. Friends used tell me dreams that were bothering them and I would matter-of-factly know what they meant. As a child I even knew my grandparents had been in a terrible crash before my mom had got the call. Weird stuff. Anyway, dreaming it was a girl totally threw me from being certain I was having a boy! 
Then, the technician checked three times and told us we were having a girl! I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. I was so convinced we were having a boy. There is still a seed of doubt in my mind that the reading was correct even. I won’t be getting rid of any of my girl clothes though! 
I’m very excited about having another girl! I always said I had just wanted girls. Being raised in a house mostly of girls I didn’t think I would know how to raise a boy. With being convince I was having a boy, I was actually very excited to have a little Mama’s boy 🙂 Plus, I really love our boys name, Cohen Timothy. I guess I’ll have to let go of that.
So, without further ado…
Evelyn Jane (probably)

Evelyn is just because we like the name and it is kind of a traditional older name like Olivia and Sofie.
Jane is for Jon. Jane is sometimes considered a female version of Jon. There isn’t a good female version of Timothy (Jon’s Dad’s name) and we wanted her to have a name some what after his side of the family. Livi’s middle name is the same as mine. Sofie’s middle name is a combination of our two closest grandmother’s and now Evelyn’s middle name is after Jon. It doesn’t hurt that Jane Austen is my favorite author either:) 

Livi has decided that her nick name is Eva (EE-vah). I thought it would be Evie (Eh-V-ee) but I think Eva is sticking. We’ll see how it plays out I guess. I get my house of girls! I hope they have the special sister bond that I get to have and know many other sister’s share. There is nothing like having sisters!

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