Meal Planning Week 2

If you are interested Week 1 is posted HERE.

Week 2 has been going great too!

Wednesday was a left over day so I didn’t have to cook!

Thursday Jon wasn’t home… He ended up going out for dinner with a friend. Us girls stayed home and baked some cookies to serve some guests coming the next day and ate Brown Rice Past Spaghetti with Mushroom sauce. I had bought prepared sauce and added some shitake mushrooms that I fried in some margarine. It was a bit of a treat dinner for me 🙂 Livi doesn’t like mushrooms though.

Friday we spent $39 on Vereniki, drinks and rolkuken at the MCC Fair. That is traditional Mennonite food that is SERIOUSLY delicious.

Saturday we invited ourselves over to Jon’s mom and got dinner out of the deal!

Sunday, since I work a few hours on Sundays, Jon gets to cook. He chose the Black Bean Skillet from my list of meals posted on the fridge. It is another family favorite, vegetarian and filled with protein! He made a double batch so he has two left over lunches in the fridge and two in the freezer!

Monday we ate a broccoli, cheese and rice bake that I thought was okay but no one else did. I may need to alter the recipe if I want to serve it again.

Tuesday we had we had butter garlic shrimp pasta. Another family favorite that we haven’t been able to eat because my pregnancy hasn’t allowed fish in the house until now.

I made it through the first two weeks and I have food left over for a few more meals! I’ve still only spent the $149… although we were skimping on the milk consumption for the last two days. Time to go grocery shopping!

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