My girls started 4 yr old preschool on Monday. This was a big step for our household. We are entering our the school system! This is still really hard for me I think. These are my babies! Can they really be ready for school? Is this going to be good for Sofie? Is Livi going to feel too much pressure and responsibility? Will they both be successful and make good friends?

So far, both girls are loving it. Livi is excited for the projects she gets to do at school and is very excited for her turn at show and tell in a few weeks. Sofie excitedly runs in to the classroom and plops herself down at one of the activity tables exploring the activity. I kind of think I’m imaging it but I think I’m seeing Sofie develop already! She seems to be responding more to questions and talking way more! After just a week? I kind of feel like she is just a walking miracle sometimes.

I’m pretty happy with this school so far. They seem to be doing a lot of different activities that are challenging each of my girls. There is so much more parent involvement here too, which I love. The preschool that Livi went too for a few months last year is not even comparable to this school. This is so much better for my girls. Sofie’s TA seems to be pretty in tuned for Sofie too!

Livi is watching out for her sister, as I expected, but I think staying close for her own feelings of security too. It’s not all for watching out just for Sofie’s sake. This week she has started out playing with Sofie for a few minutes before going off on her own, but for each circle time she always finds Sofie to sit beside her. I think it is interesting that she searches for Sofie during transition times. She loves her sister and I love that Sofie is a comfort for her 🙂 She will figure it out though, make friends and feel confident in her new surroundings.

What am I going to do with those 2.5 hours, three times a week? Well, for the first few months, I’ll be trying to nap! And after the baby comes… well, I’ll still probably be trying to nap!

This month also started our extra curriculars! Gymnastics is something we’ve all been looking forward too. Sofie is in the parent and tot class right before Livi’s class. Sofie did A.MAZE.ING! By the second week she blew me away. She ran with all the kids for the warm up game, did most of the stretches, and walked on the balance beams with just holding my hands! I was so impressed. Livi, unfortunately didn’t get to enjoy her first class. She had an EPIC meltdown just as class was starting. I felt so bad for her but we had to stick to the consequence. She was removed from the situation kicking and screaming. It was terrible. I think her melt down was caused by numerous things… too excited for gymnastics to sleep well, she had to wait an hour through Sofie’s class first, and then she wanted to go on the slide, which is reserved for after class. Cue epic meltdown to proportions we have never seen. The following week was much better though 🙂 She did great, waited patiently and got put in the group with 5 year olds! I was proud of her 🙂

Music class starts next week. We went to a demo class today. Sofie loved it as usual, even though there is a new teacher. It will be different but I think Sofie will flourish! She jumped in singing with two feet! This class is so great for Sofie and excellent for her speech development.

This is going to be a busy fall with preschool, gymnastics, music, a speech development class I’m taking to help Sofie, and all the doctor appointments for the pregnancy and a few for Sofie. Wish us luck!

One thought on “Beginnings

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    I think I stuck pretty close to Tara when we were at 4-year-old preschool together. It's nice to be with someone you know 🙂

    Glad you can get the extra nap-time during the day with the girls out. Lots of people get a burst of energy towards the end of pregnancy of course but I found that by the last 2 weeks I could have slept 12 hours a day! None of this up in the middle of the night 'nesting' stuff for me.


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