Today has not been good. I cried… a lot. I’m blogging because I need to vent.

After having a wonderfully busy weekend, cleaning my house very well yesterday because a speech therapist was coming over this morning and having to go out late Monday and Wednesday night, my body was sore. Particularly my hips. This is my life, always busy and frequently sore from the baby. It isn’t terrible, just tiring. I’m excited to not be pregnant one day and have my hips back to normal. This pregnancy exasperates everything right now.

The therapist that I was expecting at 9 called at 9:20 to ask to postpone our appointment until 10:30. Not a big deal but annoying. Today was supposed to be a baking day for Thanksgiving goodies so that pushed our baking back a little but still very doable. Then just before 10 I found it….

Sofie had gone to her room, taken off her pants and diaper, pooped A LOT on the floor and smeared it in to our cream colored rug and most of the walls. Her hands and feet were caked in it so much that you couldn’t see her skin. It was awful. I cried, so much. Aside from obviously getting her clean, I didn’t know where to start.

Once Sofie had been hosed down and cleaned I let her play in the tub to keep her occupied while I tried to figure out what to do. I cancelled the therapist and called Jon sobbing, asking if there was anyway he could come home and bring a steam cleaner with him. We are still a one car family so I had no way of going and renting one myself. I was scared that if we waited to long, the stains would set in. He could be home for lunch and brought a big industrial cleaner with him that he rented. It, thankfully, worked really well and was relatively easy. I do need to re-clean the walls but it is nap time and that is more important to me right now.

I love Sofie and did not get mad at her… surprisingly. I think my old self would have been very angry and resentful. I just cried and kept saying “Oh my Gosh. What do I do?” I think I freaked Livi out a bit… I had to apologize to her later and assure her that Mommy was not mad at Sofie but just upset at what she had done. She understood that I was “emotional” since that is what we talk about with her when she is having tantrums for no reason. I had a good reason though!

Parenting is hard some times… most times. Sofie has done this half a dozen times. Today was the worst. The really “crappy” part of all this is that she had pooped the night before and this morning already! And she is usually constipated! Argh! Plus, I think she knows when she is going. She frequently says “poop” when she is peeing and she took her pants and diaper off before she pooped in her room today. I think I might get her a potty seat for the toilet and see what she thinks of it. I have no plans to potty train any time soon because of Sofie’s communication issues, but maybe I should give it a shot and see what she does. I’m not holding my breath but maybe she’ll surprise me. She has before!

My day ended well. I had promised Livi I was going to bake with her since this weekend is Thanksgiving. I was able to keep my promise and we got a lot done! We made a batch of pumpkin muffins, my amazing apple pie, including a home made crust, Rice Krispie squares, and dinner! It will be a yummy weekend! Plus we are painting the girls rooms and their bunk bed is waiting for pick up! Getting ready for the next stage of our life!

On another note… I’ve been reading a lot of posts about Down Syndrome Awareness month. It is actually only DS Awareness month in the States. Canada celebrates DS Nov 1-7. I was wanting to put together 7 posts about DS, our adoption, Sofie, Maggy, inclusion, life celebrating DS, etc. I was wondering if there was any specific questions out there to help write a few posts. Let me know here or on Facebook!

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