Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving… mainly because it gets me starting to think about Christmas! I LOVE Christmas 🙂 I’m already starting to talk about Santa with the girls and plan Christmas decorating and parties! Not that the Christmas partying will be too involved this year as I’ll be 9 months pregnant.

I’m so thankful for so many things in my life, which I sometimes shocking to me. I don’t mean that in an ungrateful way. I just mean that sometimes I feel SO frustrated and tired yet I’m still authentically able to be purely thankful for what I do have. Maybe that is a growing up thing. I’m sure my old self never would have been content, let alone thankful, for my life. But, I truly am! My life rocks! That doesn’t mean I wish some things were different, or that I never complain. I’m sure I complain way more than I need too. I still have some epic meltdowns after long, hard days, (sometimes at the beginning of those days).
I asked Livi what she is thankful for this year and she listed off Mommy, Daddy, Sofie, Parker and Monster (her imaginary friend). That almost sums up my feelings exactly… minus Parker. I hate that cat. The only reason he is still around is because she loves him so much. 
Here is my list….
I’m Thankful for:
  • Jon. He is a great partner and fabulous father. I don’t know how I was able to end up with someone who is so good for me. I never expected that. I was sure I would be a single mom. He is patient, kind, dependable, and a great comfort to me. Not to say we don’t have our issues but we always manage to work through our crap, together and separately as needed. I’m thankful he is willing to work for the lives we are building together. I’m not sure all men truly understand what that means. He does.
  • Livi. She is incredible. I love her spunk, her intelligence, her zest for life, and her attitude even! She is so creative and such a daredevil. She makes me laugh and can frustrate me with her stubbornness and ability to negotiate with real logic!
  • Sofie. She is our miracle. She is growing and developing daily. She survived unimaginable hardships and amazes us daily. She is her own person. She learned to understand an entirely new language in a matter of months. She is learning so much and has such a pure joy when she accomplishes something new. She is an inspiration.
  • My mom. I would be no where with out the support of my mom. She is everything good.
  • My sisters. They are there for me when I need them and can always make me laugh. Plus, Maggy gives the best hugs. 
  • My home. I love my new house. It is perfect for us. I feel so terribly blessed. 
  • Co-living. Living with your family is so perfect. I honestly don’t know why more people in our North American culture don’t do it. It has countless benefits for everyone involved. 
  • My baby Evie. I’m thankful that I have one more amazing little girl coming to round out our family. I’m thankful I get to feel the movements and kicks of new life in my belly one last time. I’m also thankful this is the last time 🙂
  • Family and Friends who love me. I love the encouragement and support that they are all to me in each their different ways. 
  • My job. It really isn’t a job! I get paid way to much to hang out a few hours a week with a little girl who has Aspergers and take her riding and to Color Me Mine. I have a really good working relationship with her parents too which is so nice and something I’m so thankful for. 
  •  My life. I love my life.

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