Halloween 2012

Halloween was much anticipated by Livi this year! She had started off the month saying she wanted to be a ghost. Not that I have any problem with that choice but she had a kitty costume from dance that I had to spend $70 on and I wanted her to reuse it! Sofie fit in to the lady bug costume from last year so it was a cheap Halloween! I think a teacher or friend at preschool said something about being some ‘nice’ and not too spooky which thankfully changed her mind for me 🙂
Livi drew the face then I cut it out.
It was a self portrait of her making a silly face. 
Off to their preschool Halloween party day!
The girls had a preschool party where they got to wear their costumes and then sing some practiced songs for us parents. It was super cute. Then in the evening there was trick or treating of course! Our new neighbourhood is quieter which we werent expecting. So much candy it left over! Sofie didn’t do to many houses but was crazy happy and excited in the stroller watching all the kids. She was elated each time Livi came back from a house. Livi was little Miss Independent herself. “I can go to this house by myself! I’m not scared!” For spooky houses she would tell me where she wanted me to stand. 
I know the flash is terrible but I love their faces here. So much excitement just before trick or treating. 
Bed time was terrible. The girls were hyped up on sugar and excitement from the day. I expected something but not another of Livi’s epic meltdown. Second one ever. It sucked but she calmed down… eventually. They were both up past 9pm which doesn’t happen in this house. Tomorrow will be a quiet day 🙂
PS. Because I know there are a few anti-Halloween readers and I saw a few negative status’ on FB I thought I would re-post my Facebook status on my blog. I got some good feedback so I thought it would be worth a read here too…
As I’m already seeing some anti-Halloween status’ I would just like to remind any naysayers that God delights in His children having fun AND Christmas used to be a pagan holiday too. Why not try taking a redemption attitude and see what God can teach you through this cultural experience?”

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