I’m loving this new crisp air and reason to wear a scarf. It makes me happy. That heat was wearing on me. This fall has been so busy for us though. I don’t know what I was thinking with the schedule I arranged… I do see an end though. Just over a month left of this schedule! Music class is over at the beginning of December and the speech therapy class I’m taking to help Sofie ends mid December. Gymnastics goes in to January but Jon will be able to take them while I sleep with the baby! I don’t know what the girls will be doing in the spring but I’m thinking just swimming.

The girls are both loving preschool. It took Livi a little while to settle in. I think it was actually good for her that Sofie was with her instead of it being good for Sofie. Livi stayed very close to Sofie, particularly at transition times, like from art to circle time. I was worried about it at first but she is more comfortable now and making her own friends. I didn’t need to be worried about Sofie at all. She is doing awesome! She loves preschool and charges in ready to go. I just need to say the words “go to the car for preschool” and she charges down the stairs to the door. She has an aid who is pretty good with her. Being in preschool and around so many other kids is helping her development too. She is throwing and hitting much less which is AWESOME!

The big event of the month is, in preparing for baby, we painted the girls rooms, set up the bunk beds and moved Sofie in to Livi’s room, which is now the “big girls’ room”. Surprisingly they are doing awesome with it. The first two nights they giggled and played but were asleep by the hour mark Since then (about five nights) they have fallen asleep pretty quickly and slept in until after 7! They woke each other up once or twice but always slept in past 7 and once until almost 8! I’m loving having them going to bed at the same time. Before we would always put Sofie to bed first and let Livi have some big girl time. Now they are going to bed together which leaves me with more alone time!

Their room is kind of awesome too. I love it. The girls really like it too 🙂

We also went to the corn maze with the Down Syndrome support group we are a part of. We went last year and I don’t think I can adequately tell you about the change in Sofie from last year to this year. She just whined and didn’t move last year. This year she was chasing the other kids, playing in the corn box and smiling! It was so cool to see.

(These are all pictures of Sofie there because all the pictures of Livi had Emma in them too and I didn’t think I should post pictures of her with out permission)

 My two wimps bundled up!
In the corn box! She wouldn’t even touch the corn from our hand last year!

Yesterday we went on the girls first field trip with preschool! Livi was SO excited. We went to the “rain forest” to find jaguars, toucans and huge spiders. We ended up going up the mountain to a trail that was basically a hike! I nearly died pushing Sofie in the stroller. It was one big hill! There was no way Sofie would have gotten very far if she had been walking. Thankfully Sofie’s EA pushed her up the second half of the hill. I was super impressed with all the 4 year olds and glad that I could help include Sofie in the walk 🙂 She kept giggling at all the bumps in her ride!

Back at school for a snack!

Sofie got glasses too… Not sure how that is going to work out. She doesn’t really keep them on. She is a little far sighted and has an eye that turns in, especially when she is tired. The doctor said if it was one or the other he would probably leave it for another 6 months but the two together needed glasses. We haven’t pushed them on her yet because I don’t want her to start associating them as negative and something to fight. I do need to bring them to preschool but I keep forgetting. She’ll get the most benefit there anyway when she is doing writing and up close work.

Livi is doing really great right now. She is learning so much and very proud of how she is helping to teach her sister. “It’s kind of like you have a teacher living with us at home” she says. So modest too. She is definitely an amazing little helper, while being little miss independent who is quick to frustration if she can’t do something herself. She definitely has an attitude but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Another amazing quote from my “humble” child…
Livi – “I know everything about the world.”
Me – “No Livi, you don’t know everything. Only God knows everything.”
Livi – “Well, I guess I’m like God then.”
A little sacrilege never hurt anyone, right?
She loves monsters and “spooky” things which is really getting exemplified with Halloween right now. She wanted to be a ghost, which I don’t really have a problem with except for the fact that she has a very adorable kitty costume from dance that I want her to wear to save money! I think I had to spend about $70 on that darn costume! She has also decided she wants to ask Santa for a peddle bike for Christmas, which I am all for! She is getting a little big for her run bike and since her birthday is at the end of summer I think it is a good idea to get it for Christmas so she can use it in the summer.

I think I’m starting to nest a little bit. I’ve done a lot of cleaning this week and organizing for the baby. This pregnancy is still crazy difficult but I’m surviving for now. All the exercise I got this week was good for me! I need to keep it up. My back is starting to hurt a bit more and some motions are starting to get limited. Shaving my legs is a joke. Tons of spots get missed. If Jon wants to sleep next to smooth legs he may need to shave them for me! Picking up Sofie is getting really difficult and she is having some behaviors because of it. Lots of whining! Heartburn is terrible and my hips are getting worse at night. Braxton Hicks contractions are almost an hourly thing thing now. Sometimes they take my breath away. The literature says they don’t hurt… bull shit! I did go to the chiropractor once but I wanted to spread them out since we only get $8 back from a $40 appointment. I know I’ll have to go more in the last month so I’m trying space it out. It could get expensive! Hopefully less than two months to go though! I need this kid out of me  by December 31 so I don’t have to keep her back a year! This is a serious concern for me! I’ll be starting inductions at home on the 17th.

I am enjoying all the movements I’m feeling from her. I thought Livi was active? Well, they aren’t even comparable. This little one must be hyperactive. I was told because of the placement of the placenta I might not feel her as much! Hah! She moves so much that I almost get concerned if I don’t feel her for an hour. I can watch my whole belly rumbling and jumping. It is kind of cool. It sure does hurt sometimes though! She will kick me in the ribs and bladder at the same time. Sometimes she’ll make me pee myself a little too… awesome. Too much info? Deal with it. This is what YOUR mother had to go through! I recently measured 4 weeks further along than weeks I am. Baby must have had a growth spurt. I was always right on for measurements. Hopefully this all means I can get her out on time!

5 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    I spent two weeks drinking raspberry leaf tea (a mug a day at least) and then three mugs of it on the day Walter was born. Someone with many children had told me it had given her the easiest labours and as you know, mine was a little too good 🙂 Plus it should be a nice warming drink, even if its benefits are no more than wive's tales. Of course I couldn't go near the stuff for at least a week after his birth, as it kept giving me flashbacks to labour!


  2. Ali says:

    Not sure if you've ever heard of Tecta, but it's a once a day heartburn medication that I've taken with both of my kids. It is AMAZING!!! Didn't need Tums/Rolaids once I found them.


  3. Katie says:

    I'll look up that Tecta and try it. Gaviscon tastes TERRIBLE! Thanks!

    And I did the raspberry tea with Livi but it didn't do anything. I'm sure I'll be drinking it again though. Anything to get her out!


  4. Anna says:

    Your two girls are adorable!! Funny thing my two oldest girls are also named Livi (short for Olivia) and Sophie!! My youngest is named Stella. Lovely blog!


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