No Baby News

No baby news. I’m sick. I have a terrible cold that has me snotting, coughing and aching. Jon is sick too. It is going on three days now. I’m terrified of going in to labor feeling like this but I also want this pregnancy to be over so badly! I think it would be best at this point if I got healthy first. The girls seem to be on the mend but are still sick. They are dealing with the boredom and hours of television a day well but are starting to go a little cabin fever crazy.

The possibility of messing with people’s Christmas’, if that is when I go in to labor, is weighing on me. My doula has 4 little kids who I’m sure would not be happy having to wait for presents while their Mommy is away, not to mention my own kids who believe in Santa! We want to foster that belief so he has to come Christmas eve. Plus, if it happens Christmas eve or day my friend who is a photographer won’t be able to come. My sister can take pictures but I was really excited to have pro shots this time. I know I’m stressing about things that are outside of my control but what else do I have to do with my time? Everything else is ready! Please pray for me and my family. This whole out of control thing is always hard on me!

4 thoughts on “No Baby News

  1. Mary says:

    Katie. Sorry you're feeling so crummy. Take care of yourself. Drink lemon and honey. Snooze when you can. Eat chicken noodle soup. This babe is a gift, to all who are waiting, whenever she arrives. Love to you!



  2. Mary says:

    Oh. I just sent you two almost the same messages 'cause the first didn't show up and I didn't notice the “after approved by Katie” posting. You can choose which/if to approve to post 🙂


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