Christmas 2012

Christmas was lovely, despite my terrible cold. I was actually feeling better on Christmas eve but I may have overdone it that day and kind of did myself in for the next few days.

Livi singing carols at her preschool performance the week before. 
Sofie had to miss it because she was sick. 

Christmas eve my side of the family came over for our Christmas fruit crepe breakfast, presents and then a turkey dinner before church. A lot of family but that’s how we roll! Crepes are a family tradition and I would have been happy with just that for dinner too!

Playing with the stuffed nativity while waiting for presents to start!
Maggy was very excited.
One of Livi’s presents from Marmee was a Hello Kitty Snuggie. She loves it 🙂
Sofie all wrapped up in her snowman blanket.
We were well enough to make it to church thankfully! Sofie didn’t go up with her class because it was past her bedtime but Livi went and “recited” part of the Christmas story. She had missed some weeks recently so she was a little unprepared, plus she goes between the preschool class with Sofie and the K-2 class with her friend so she isn’t always consistent. She was excited to be first in line though because she was the shortest 🙂
Livi with her K-2 class!
After church we went to look at a few Christmas lights. The last house had a hologram Santa in the window and Livi freaked out with excitement. She didn’t even want to stay. “We have to leave and get to sleep! Quick before Santa comes!” It was the fastest bedtime routine ever! After she went to the washroom Jon went outside the girls window and rang Santa bells and said “Ho Ho Ho”. Livi was so excited she couldn’t handle it. She nearly started crying and just buried her face in my neck. It was perfect.
Setting egg nog and cookies out for Santa.

Ready to pop at 40 weeks

Christmas morning was just with us four. We opened presents and had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, topped off with egg nog to drink. After a short quiet time we headed off to Jon’s mom’s house for the girls to get more spoiled! There is something about being the only grankids on both sides! The dinosaur from uncle Tony and Auntie Lisa was the winning toy this year. Livi has barely put it down!
Opening presents on Christmas morning! 
Santa got her a “real pedal” bike! It was what she had been asking for since Thanksgiving.
It’s a little big for her but I think she will grow in to it by summer!
Sofie got a tricycle to help her learn to pedal! She was already doing really well on it 🙂
Yes, I bought my girls matching pj’s for Christmas Eve!
Sofie heard the mention of desert and climbed up to the table signing to eat at Gramma’s house.
Boxing day was a little rough. I was so tired and such a mess the next morning. I think the two days of Christmas was hard on my cold and I was back to being sick. Jon was a little grumpy too because my coughing had kept him up. I also thought I might  have been slowly leaking amnio fluid for a few days so my midwife wanted me to get it checked out. We finished packing our hospital bag, just in case, and headed off to get checked out. I think everyone had the same idea and the maternity ward was packed. Everyone waited through Christmas and came on boxing day! It wasn’t amnio but there is some extra discharge to keep an eye on. Fun times! Thankfully, one of my midwives happened to be there and did all the checking for me. No nurses needed 🙂
I’m still just less then 2cm dilated and haven’t had much else change. The full moon is coming on Friday, which is my period based due date. That tends to bring out the babies so I’m still hopeful for this week! I  saw the midwife again today for our regular appointment and got the midwife to strip my cervix to hopefully get things moving along. 
I still need a lot of prayer to get healthy though to make it through labor. Coughing hurts during braxton hicks, I’m scared to cough during the real thing! This is really wearing on me and my family. I’m feeling guilty for neglecting my kids for sleep and putting so much pressure on Jon. He is still getting over the cold too. Livi is acting over compensating a little for attention and dealing with her own worry about me I think. I’ve tried to reassure her as best as I can but she doesn’t understand all my emotional ups and downs. I don’t cry often so I think that worries her the most, and I cried a lot yesterday. 

One thought on “Christmas 2012

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    Merry Christmas! I hope the baby comes soon. Are you able to take any cough suppressants? A doctor might be able to prescribe them if you're worried about hurting the baby with meds.

    The matching pjs are adorable, btw.


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