I am feeling so blessed right now, despite the little bit of a rough start we had with colds, ear infections and the flu in our house. We are starting to recuperate now. I still have a cough but not nearly as debilitating and incontinence inducing! Sofie is still snotty but no fever and her energy is back. She is just about done her antibiotics. Livi is no longer throwing up and her fever is way down. Jon is tired as we expected because he is helping to pick up the slack with the big kids during the night and work during the day. I’m tired, obviously, but with all the support I’m getting everyone is making it easy on me!

Sick Livi

Sofie’s social worker approved 4 days of house cleaning for us to use once a week in January. AMAZING! My floors and bathrooms are clean plus she had time to dust! I could get used to this. My mom helped out at the end of last week and Jon’s mom is staying with us this week and next while Jon is at work to help with the big girls. This has been a God-send! I was so worried about the transition with Sofie but with her getting the extra attention from Grandma’s she seems to be handling the baby quite well. She ignores Evie most of the time but is being gentle and gives kisses when she does touch Evie. I think by the time it does come to me being alone with the kids Sofie will be used to her new sister and used to me balancing my time and attention that it won’t be such a shock. I’m doing my best to give Sofie some one-on-one cuddle time each day which she is eating up. I’m loving it too. When I was really sick at first my mom would take her downstairs so I wouldn’t see her all day, which was making me feel pretty guilty. Now that I’m feeling better though, I’m really enjoying our cuddles together too.

Sister love

Our mom’s have been able to help out tremendously for the these first three and a half weeks then Jon is home on parental leave for 5 months! (Assuming no positions become posted at work that he wants to apply for.) What a blessing! Family bonding for 5 months! We will be taking a bit of a pay cut in order to make that work and we have to balance it with owing more taxes at the end but we think it is worth it. Plus, it is the last time Jon will be able to take a leave like this so we might as well optimize on it.

Evie has been a champion. She is calm and breast feeding like a pro! I was so scared it would be an issue. Livi and I always had issues and ended up turning to formula between 3 and 4 months. Evie is loving the breast, latching amazingly, and cries minimally… so far. I know things could change but right now I’m thankful. She is so content and is soothed easily by nursing or being held. She loves being held  which I don’t mind right now but hoping she gets a little more content to lay by herself or sleep in her bassinet as she gets a little older. She is only 11 days old after all!

I got home visits from a midwife for the first week which was awesome. I was able to transfer care to another group for the first week of post-partum care so I could get the benefits of the home visits that I thought I would lose out on by choosing the maternity group that I did. So happy about that! The visits were great and affirming. Evie had a little jaundice and wasn’t peeing quite enough at first. My culostrum wasn’t enough to hydrate her size. We ended up spoon feeding her some formula after each feed for just over a day to get some more wet diapers out of her. Poop doesn’t seem to be a problem though!

Now that my milk is in she is well hydrated. She is gaining weight rapidly too! From 10.3 lbs on Sunday she went down to 9.11 lbs on Wednesday and back up to 9.15 lbs on Friday! 2 ounces a day when the average is .5 – 1 ounce a day. What a little porker 🙂 By Tuesday, nine days old, she was over her birth weight… 10.4 lbs!

I know some people don’t appreciate breast feeding pictures but this is how my baby eats and I’m cherishing it right now. Night time feeding and cuddles after a nightmare.

Livi is still an adoring, doting sister. She loves watching the baby and helping out. She has had a few little meltdowns or tantrums but for the most part she has been an angel. I love seeing the instant bond that she has with her new sister. With Sofie that bond took a little more time. Livi was slightly more tentative, probably because Sofie was 3.5 years old when they became sisters and had a mind of her own where as Evie just sits there and looks cute. She really is quite an amazing big sister, sharing her favourite stuffed toys and Fuzzy with Evie when she is crying and always wanting to hold her. She gives me play-by-play narrations of every move, noise, and expression Evie does.

I want to also say thank you to everyone who has been praying for health for us (don’t stop yet!) and helping us out where they can! Mom B and Marmee… you are amazing! Sisters who helped with our big girls… you rock! Jenn… the family pictures you take for us are so special! (Plus I love saying that you are our personal photographer. Makes me sound fancy!) Friends and family who have brought or promised meals… looking forward to eating them! Thank you for the gifts that have been received. I can’t wait to play dress-up some more and use the beautiful and thoughtful presents you have given to us and our family. I feel the love and want you to know how much we appreciate you all.

2 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Hellen says:

    Love the photos.

    I don't know if your mom told you but I have a little gift for Evie! Just didn't want to pop by while the whole household is sick! I will stop by soon!


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