One Month

Evie is a month old…. actually, I haven’t had a chance to blog and she is 5 weeks old tomorrow. She fits into our lives so well. Her sisters love her. Jon and I adore her.

This past month has been busy! I completely understand how the third kid doesn’t get as much attention, photographs, info in their baby books, etc, as the preceding children! I have to balance my time so much differently. I’m trying to hold Evie as much as possible, while spending quality time with my big girls. Today leaving the house with all three kids and the swim bags I felt like a bit of a sideshow! Three kids is a little insane but wonderful.

Evie is quite content and doesn’t cry much which makes things very nice on Mommy! She did have her days and nights mixed up for the first three weeks but she is evening out now and has even given me a few 5 hour stretches at night! She is very wiggly still which I think is because of gas. She is handling the gas a bit better now and able to get it out easier but there are still some bad nights when she is really wiggly and uncomfortable. She doesn’t settle well then and won’t let us lay her down. She definitely likes to be held.

Evie is already changing and growing which is crazy to me. She already seems so much older! I’m glad the first few weeks are over because they are generally the hardest but I’m actually a little sad that it is my last time having a newborn. NOT sad enough to get pregnant again! I’m just trying my best to cherish this stage and realizing how fast it goes by! Her baby acne is getting better and her dry skin is all cleared up. At her 4 week check up (4 weeks + 2 days) she weighed 11lbs and 11.5oz! She can’t keep growing at this rate can she?!

She smiled for the first time on her one month birthday! 
What a beautiful site?! Love having Jon home to see these firsts!

Meeting Opa and DD

The big girls are doing great. We are being pretty conscious about spending quality time with each of them individually. Sofie has been hitting, throwing and yelling more but we trying to stay on top of it. Thankfully it is geared toward Jon, Livi and I, not the baby. She tries to be gentle and gives lots of kisses to Evelyn. Livi is doing really well and still adores her baby sister. I brought Evie to gymnastics and Livi kept showing her off to her friends and teachers. Livi did tell me she was a little jealous of all the attention Evie was getting from some extended family members who used to come just to see her. Break my heart! We talked it through and she understands but she is still extra emotional these days.

In other news, Livi and Sofie’s gymnastics have ended. Livi has signed up again but I think we are going to hold off for Sofie. She is in a one-to-one swimming lesson instead, called Making Waves. We had our first lesson today and she LOVED it. She loves the water. I told Livi I would sign her up once she could put her whole head under the water more consistently, so we went in and practiced while Sofie was having her lesson. I think she is just about ready so maybe I’ll stick her in for Spring Break. Sofie is also in speech therapy. We were blessed with the funds for 12 sessions from the local Children’s Foundation. SUCH A BLESSING! We’ve had one session already and it was so much better than what we’ve had at the child development centre. Expecting good things!

3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    A vague part of my memory seems to remember similar feelings to Livi's when my brother was born (there's 6.5 years between us). If it's family that she sees regularly-ish it might be worth bringing up with them to see if there's something small and special they can do with her when they come over.


  2. Anna says:

    Yes!! Leaving the house with three young kids is definitely a gong show! When Stella was a baby, she was so easy and it was much easier. Now that she is two and Sophie is three and fights ALOT with her older sister who is 7….whew!! going anywhere is tough! Sorry! Don't mean to scare you! Lol. It's still all good and I wouldn't have it any other way….well maybe less fighting.


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