Evie’s 2 Months

She is two months old already and one amazing little baby.

She looks so much like my mom and me as baby… although she does have Jon’s long lashes and hard finger nails. My fingernails bend and peel very easily but hers are daggers! She scrunches up her nose too, which I think may be the way Jon does his. It is a little early to totally tell though. Her eyes are still a dark greyish blue like my sisters but they still may turn brown like Jon’s and Livi’s. Otherwise she is definitely a Schmidt baby which adds water to my immaculate conception theory! (Yes, I know THE immaculate conception refers to Mary being sinless but what else do I cal it… this wasn’t a virgin birth, just a way – off – the – possible – timing – of – conception – so – there – must – have – been – some – divine – intervention – here – birth

She is still nursing really well. I’m so paranoid about my milk supply though that I think I’m feeding her too much, even when she is not hungry. I weighed her the other day on our scale and she was 13lbs 13 oz! I love her chub 🙂

Sleeping is going great. I probably shouldn’t say because I know some readers might curse me. I will anyway because this is noteworthy. I feed her for the last time at 11pm and she sleeps until 6am, eats again and then is down until 8 or 9. I do wish she would take her last feed at 10 though, so I could feed her at 5 then she would sleep until 7 or 8am and be more in sync with her sisters but I’ll take it!

She has smiled this month she laughed! Only one really good bout of giggles for Marmee but we are trying for more! She is very easy going and super content. We have only heard major crying from her a handful of times and only for very short periods. Even through her stuffed up nose that she had for about a week, she was quite mellow about it all. Such a trooper.

She has a lot of strength in her legs and is already weight baring on them but still has a bit of a floppy head and curled up little hands most of the time. I think she is going to hold on to her baby of the family title quite well.

The girls love her and there hasn’t been too much regression or jealousy from either of them… probably helps that both parents are home! She fits in so well and I can’t imagine our family without her.

Sofie’s first time holding Evie on Feb 6.

One thought on “Evie’s 2 Months

  1. Katie says:

    Wow Katie, she is SO beautiful!!! So awesome seeing the girls together. I hope I can come and meet her sometime this month. And I am so happy that she is sleeping for you; what a gift! All the best to you and your family.


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