3 Months Old!

Evie is 3 months old now! I’m really enjoying this stage and wanting time to slow down. She is much more interactive and a lot more sturdy. She can hold her head up really sturdy and sit on our laps better now too. She is starting to reach out for things and holding toys. She is tentative to put toys in her mouth and chew but it is starting. She is smiling lots but laughter is still a luxury. She has been sick though which may be contributing. We’ve all had colds for about 2 weeks and Livi, Evie and I have all been left with terrible coughs. We went to a clinic yesterday and it turns out we all have bronchitis!

Since being on the antibiotics Evie has gotten a bit louder and a bit more fussy. The meds could be giving her a tummy ache, she is starting to teethe from the amount of drool being seen and she could be in her 3 month growth spurt. Fun times! I think we will start seeing her personality more now that she will be feeling better. She laughed just before she was two months and we’ve had to work really hard to get a giggle out of her since. Today, we’ve got giggles relatively easily, finally! She must have been feeling worse than I thought to keep her from laughing 😦

Evie is 15lbs and still growing. Her being sick has slowed down her growth a bit but she is starting to just fit in 9 month clothes!

Evie is still the most content baby. She its just so relaxed! She does prefer to be held but I don’t mind, most of the time. She LOVES watching her sisters play. We put her in the exiscauser already, even though she is a little small. It gives her a little more eye level and protection 🙂 Her sisters can’t maul her there and she is up on their level more to play!

Evie found her thumb finally. She doesn’t consistently get it but it will come I think. She only takes the soother when she is tired and frustrated from trying to get a good suck out of her hand.

Evie is such a joy. We all adore her. Sofie is gentle with her and loves to lay beside her. Livi is stilling enamoured with “her baby”. When Evie cries Livi gives me instructions on things to try. It’s cute but can be annoying depending on my mood! Evie loves her sisters too. She smiles when she sees them and kicks her legs ferociously.

She’s so long!

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