Easter 2013

This Easter had PERFECT weather. It was nearly 20 degrees the whole weekend! I felt so blessed.

Saturday we spent hours out in the sun in shorts and t-shirts starting our tans for the summer. If I want color I have to work at it. My two big girls turn brown at the slightest glimpse of the sun. I am jealous of their amazing tannable skin. It must be their gypsy blood.

We started the weekend at the clinic all getting diagnosed with bronchitis. The antibiotics had us starting to feel better quite quickly though. Saturday morning we dyed Easter eggs. It was really beautiful to see how much more engaged Sofie was this year. Both big girls had fun watching the eggs change color while Evie looked on from her Bumbo seat.

We went to Jon’s Mom’s place for the afternoon and played at the park with the girls, their uncle Tony, Auntie Lisa and Gramma. Dinner was delicious but it was the first time I’d eaten meat in nearly a months and I paid for it the next day!

Sunday morning Livi woke up just after 7 am as usual and found the trail of eggs that the Bunny dropped while he was hopping around the house. The trail leads to the baskets where they got a few chocolates, a kite each, and a shirt for Livi, skirt for Sofie and an outfit for Evie since she didn’t chocolates.

We also started a tradition last year that Livi was really excited about. We plant some Easter eggs and they grow in to candy or chocolate lollipops! Unfortunately, we have some racoons that spend some time in a tree in our backyard. Although the lollipops were wrapped in plastic, they ate them up! Thankfully, we checked before Livi saw them and Jon was able to run down stairs and steal some of the chocolate lollipops Marmee was going to give the girls. He got those in the ground and the mess cleaned up just in time!

Eggs going in the ground.
Lollipops grew with Easter Bunny magic!

We went to church then enjoyed a tea party lunch with my family! I even got a nap in the afternoon. All in all, a blessed Easter.

Happy Easter! He is risen!

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