4 Months Old!

Evie is 4 months old! I’m a little sad the newborn stage is officially over. She is a baby now, not a new born. She does baby things like grab her feet, play with toys and coos.

She is such a content, chill baby. This month has brought on more protests but nothing to complain about.

The only thing I have to complain about is her sleeping habits… or lack thereof. I think I thought I would have another amazing sleeper like Livi. I was getting 6 and 7 hour stints at night out of Evie, until she hit 3 months. Now I’m lucky if I get 3 or 4 hour stretch. It feels pretty brutal to me. Because of all this we have begun to sleep train her a bit which has gone really well. Basically, she goes down to sleep for bed and naps awake and puts herself to sleep. She’s attached herself to a fuzzy that is her cue and it works well, even when we are away from her crib.

The big surprise for us this month is our willingness to keep her sleeping in our room. She outgrew or got to mobile for the bassinet this month, which I’m so sad about because the girls Grampa (Jon’s Dad) helped refurbish it for Livi before he died. This is the same point and age where we had moved Livi out of our room and in to her crib in the nursery. I told Jon that I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for that either…. so we moved the crib in to our room. I’m so thankful that Jon and I are always on the exact same page when it comes to parenting!

Evie rolled over this month. April 23rd to be exact. Front to back. Other then the time she rolled off the couch when she was two months old… but that is another story that I was too upset to blog about! She hasn’t done it since last week, but we never giver her tummy time because she hates it so much. We need to help her with that.

She loves her play mat and enjoys reaching for all the toys we have hanging off it. She also spends a lot of time in her Exersaucer these days, reaching and chewing on all the toys she can get her hands on in there. Evie is an avid thumbsucker now and I barely keep a soother around, except in extreme situations. She definitely prefers her thumb and can get some good suction on it most of the time now.

No teeth yet, but there are days I think she might drown in slobber. She smiles a lot but is still very quiet compared to Livi. I think Livi was an extra loud baby and Evie is an extra quiet baby so it is a huge difference to me.

Evie doesn’t like nursing out of her home. She is very easily distracted and will sometimes go without eating in public and then gorge herself when we get home. She is definitely not hurting from this practice though because she is now 17.2 lbs and in 12 months cloths! I took a picture of her at 3.5 months in a size 12 month outfit that Sofie wore at 3.5 years old! 
All in all she is a pretty amazing baby and I’m pretty sure our lives would be exceedingly boring with out her! I don’t know what Livi would be doing with out her. Sofie and Livi both adore her. Sofie loves cuddling with us in our rocking chair while I nurse Evie. It is actually quite special. She is such a blessing and we all love her just so much!

One thought on “4 Months Old!

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    Walter hated tummy time until he was ready to crawl so I rarely bothered with it, aside from some momentary pangs of guilt that perhaps I should encourage it. But it didn't seem to matter in his crawling/rolling development.


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