Happy Birthday Sofie!

My second child, who is actually the oldest, is 5 YEARS OLD!
You have made life so full of Joy!

full of Laughter!
full of a new kind of Freedom!
full of Cuddles!

and full of Beauty!
How did I get old enough to have a 5 year old?!
Good Morning Birthday Girl!
Instead of a birthday party we took the girls to the Aquarium! (We will have a joint 5th B-day party for the girls in June when we get them their trampoline…. shhhh! Don’t tell!) The Aquarium was wonderfully successful. We probably didn’t stay as long as some might necessitate because of how overwhelming it is for our young kids, but they enjoyed their time there completely. It was a good day to go… not as busy as I’ve seen it before. 

There was a lot to see and the kids were all over the place, jumping from one fish exhibit, to the penguins, to the frogs, etc. We kept costs down by packing a picnic lunch which was a fabulous idea on more than just a financial level. It got us out of the overwhelming space of the Aquarium and gave us some quiet time in the park. Sofie even got some music time during lunch. Perfect! 
Livi’s favourite part was seeing all of the fish! I liked touching the anemone and seeing how awestruck the girls were at first. And Sofie’s favourite part was probably the Tropical exhibit where she could touch the leaves and trees. Jon’s liked seeing the dolphin play with Livi through the window, which was really cool. It was following the stuffed animal up and down against the glass.
We got home quite expectedly tired but I tried to get a little birthday photo shoot of Sofie, as I do every year on their birthdays, while we blew bubbles and Jon cut the grass. She was done though, but I got a few 🙂

Dinner consisted of Mac n’ Cheese which is her favourite and chocolate cupcakes for dessert! 

Happy Birthday Sofie. You are amazing and I am so blessed to be your mom. 

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