5 Months!

I know I’m late, but my baby is 5 months old! Yes, it’s cliche but Wow! Time Flies! I was watching a birthing show this morning and remembering. I did so awesome with the birthing part 🙂 I could easily do that part again!.. but I WON’T! I couldn’t do the pregnancy and baby thing again.

Evie has changed a lot this last month. She has thinned out a bit but still has her thunder thighs that I enjoy munching on. She still looks remarkably like my baby pictures… with a little of my sister in the mix. She is 18.2lbs and in 12 month size clothing.

Evie is so content and nonchalant about everything… except when she is on her tummy. She hates tummy time still. She has rolled from the front to back once, but regularly turns from back to front and gets stuck. I wish she’d figure it out.

She had a bunch of firsts this month. First ride on the ferry… I actually think it was Sofie’s first ride too! First time to the beach. Her first two teeth within a week of each other! First time swimming at the pool. I didn’t get any pictures since we took all three girls and didn’t have any hands for a camera. She was so chill about the water. Basically she didn’t care one way or another… except when I dunked her. She didn’t like that.

At the beach.

She LOVES the jolly jumper and gets some serious air in it. Her legs are quite strong but she doesn’t move her upper body much. I think that much be why she doesn’t roll from front to back.

She has been having crying fits this last week which is not much fun. I think it is too early for her 6 month growth spurt. She has been pooping a lot, like 3 times a day, which may be the reason for her crying but she doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything. She usually only poops once every four days or so. It could have to do with teething. I’m so not enjoying the middle of the night crying.

Evie’s sisters still adore her. I LOVE seeing the passionate love they have for her although I some times need to ward them off. I also love seeing how Evelyn reacts to her sisters. She smiles just at the sight of them. The way she does for me and her Daddy. We are her circle and she knows it.

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