6 Months!

*This is late but we have been crazy busy!*

How can she be 6 months old? Where did the time go? On the same hand, how did we manage before without her? She is such a delight.

Evie continues to get bigger and is 19.2lbs! I actually think her rapid growth is what made my back go out this month! I have two herniated discs but they haven’t bothered me in a few years. I think my muscles didn’t strengthen as fast as she grew!

The biggest development this month is she is on the move! She started with an army crawl and now she is an inch worm. She can get her knees under her and inch forward while her arms pull. It is cute but she was only 5 months when it started! She can get around our entire living room now getting all the things that interest her. She usually ends up covered in hair and debris. It reminds me how incredibly dirty my floors are.

We also moved her out of our room a few days before her 6 months. I wasn’t entirely ready for this but we needed to move our computer in our room so my brother had a place to stay for the summer. Plus Jon was going back to work and thought he would sleep better with her in the nursery. She is doing great in the nursery and Jon is sleeping better so I guess it’s a good thing. I was enjoying keeping my last baby close though!

Evie is an observer. She watches everyone and is easily contented. She takes everything in so easily.  Evie is also sitting up really well now. She sometimes still topples over but mostly holds herself up great. 

Things Evie Likes:
Chin tickles… especially from Daddy’s beard!
Nursing! This kid loves Mommy’s boobs!
Her sisters! They can both get her in to fits of giggles.

Things Evie Dislikes:
Eating Solids… They are coming but very slowly.
Cold water.
Being tossed around. She likes things slow and calm. 
Happy 6 month birthday!

Livi took this one 🙂

She’s so long. 

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