Preschool Graduation

My girls Graduation from Preschool happened over two weeks ago now. I’m still trying to get caught up on blogging about all our life milestones. Preschool graduation was a big milestone for all of us. I may or may not cry at the mere mention of my girls being ready for Kindergarten. 
We have been so blessed by their preschool this year. Both girls went together to 4 yr old school together. We chose Wind and Tide Preschool which proved to be a brilliant choice. Both my girls thrived. I was so worried putting Sofie in. I wanted her in 3 yr old school, just twice a week, but the funding didn’t work that way. I like how it all worked out though. The teachers and Sofie’s EA were phenomenal! They both learned so much and developed leaps and bounds. While I’m still worried about Kindergarten, I think this preschool has prepared all of us to tackle their school career!
Receiving their diploma’s!

Before their diploma’s they put on a three plays for us. Livi and Sofie were billy goats in The Billy Goats Gruff. Livi was the biggest billy goat who butted the Troll off the bridge. It was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Then they sang us some songs. Sofie did awesome and was so in to it. She usually doesn’t do to great on party days when all the parents come but for Graduation she did amazing!

Livi’s best friend at school is really shy and was getting upset, so they moved her beside Livi and they both got the biggest smile on their faces. LOVE IT!
Kindergarten is going to be such a learning curve for us all. It is full time 5 days a week too! I’m excited and nervous. That is a long time away from Mommy and Daddy! I know they will be up for the challenge and my heart will be okay with them growing up eventually 🙂 I’m so proud of my big girls! They are accomplishing so much in their little lives already!

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