5th Birthday Party!

My two big girls’ birthday’s are 4 months apart. Sofie turned 5 in April and Livi turns 5 in August. This year we decided to have joint birthday for them right in the middle. Livi wanted a Dinosaur party and Sofie wanted a Princess party. So we combined the two! 
Happy Princess Dinosaur 5th Birthday Sofie and Livi!
We had a Paleontologist dig.
They had to crack open a fossilized egg to find the dinosaur inside and then dig in the sand for the dinosaur “bones”. 
Then there was pin the crown on the princess dinosaur.
Of course lots of jumping on their trampoline that we got them for their present.
Then, my brother who was home from Russia did some games for the kids. 
He was their favourite part. He was HILARIOUS.
This is Sofie’s special friend from church. Sofie loves her. I love her!
She was the first none family member that Sofie said the name of unprompted!
Dinosaur watermelon head inspired by Pinterest!
Check out this dinosaur princess cake that my sister made!
Blowing out the candles!
Can’t forget about the littles 🙂

These two are adorable!

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