First Week Without Daddy!

Week one of Daddy back to work has been pretty good for the most part. We definitely had some frustrated, melt down, mommy’s drinking in the bathroom while little finger creep under the door moments, but for the most part we all did pretty good.

Monday we chilled at home. I brought out some paint for the big girls to paint outside. I had full intentions for the paint to get all over them and they fulfilled my wishes. Livi was so unsure when I said it was okay to paint the fence. She double checked with me three times! She got in to it pretty quickly though. A friend stopped by briefly and they had a blast painting flowers, handprints and trains on the fence.

Tuesday, we babysat a friends little girl who is perfectly well behaved and made my morning way easier because my girls were kept busy! I had time to make home made pizza, including the dough, for dinner! I was quite exhausted by the end of the day though.

Wednesday went nothing like we had planned. We had a delightful morning swimming with Auntie Sessa. It ended in blood and an ER visit though. Sofie banged her head climbing over the wall of the hot tub and under the bar. I think her head bounced and she bit her lip. I had to pull her lip down and off her tooth. So gross. Since I error on the side of not going to the doctor, my mom and Jon both suggested I take her in case she needed stitches. My mom kept the other two and I took Sofie to the ER. Three hours later, after two doctor consults, we were sent home without stitches. Thankfully, the doctors where on the fence about it all which made me feel like at least the hospital visit was worth our time.

Thursday I took the girls to the water park with the same friend who I babysat for on Tuesday. It was a step to going out by myself. She was there to help out if I needed it. The girls started out being a little difficult to get out the door. We made it though and had a good time. The afternoon was ridiculous though. Livi had a lot of behaviour and Sofie just wanted to listen to her iPod. I needed some groceries too. My mom offered to keep Sofie and I attempted going to Superstore with the other two. It was a disaster. I ended up leaving a buggy of groceries in the isle and storming Livi out to the car. I’ve never done that before. I still managed to cook an easy dinner and resolved to have a better the next morning.

Today we woke up and got out the door before 9! I took the girls to Tim Hortons for a snack while the tire shop put new tires on my new van. I don’t think I mentioned we are a two vehicle family now! We just got a used van for me to transport the kids around. We managed 10 years on one vehicle but finally had to get a second car. Happy with our purchase so far!

*Side note – Next we dropped of some breast milk for a friends new baby so she doesn’t have to supplement with formula waiting for her own milk to come in. Can I say, this may be the best gift to a new mother that I have ever given! I needed to supplement with both my birth daughters. They were jaundiced and I wished I had been able to give them breast milk instead of formula. Since I’m still breast feeding my babe I pumped and gave one of my friends some milk, just in case. It was needed and much appreciated. I would love to see more breast feeding mom’s do this for expectant mothers. Having it in the freezer alleviates the panic when your midwife advices you to supplement.

Then we went to Costco and got some of the groceries I had tried for the day before 🙂 The kids did wonderfully. We got home for lunch, put the baby down for her nap, and cuddled with the big girls over My Little Pony. I even got some phone calls and paper work done!

I was pretty proud of our first week alone, together. We had our ups and downs. The girls are adjusting to being with out Daddy and needing to help out Mommy a bit more. Behaviours ensue. But I mostly kept up with the basic cleaning, got some laundry washed and put away, baked a few loaves of bread, menu planned for some slow cooker freezer meals and the kids were pretty happy and entertained for the most part! I hope I can keep this up… we will see!

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