Summerland 2013!

Summerland 2013 was not quite as planned but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. If you don’t know, we go camping on some private property on Okanagan Lake every year. The property is very rustic, with no running water, no electricity, and a stinky out house. It is so beautiful and a place that we have cherished for years. Jon has been going there since he was a baby.

This year with three littles, one being a baby and one being our beloved but unpredictable Sofie, we thought it would be a little too much to go camping by ourselves. Plus, Sofie has tubes in her ears and shouldn’t go in the lake, pools are fine though. Living Social had a great coupon for 4 nights in a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen and laundry at Summerland Waterfront Resort for $560! That is super cheap, especially for what we got! It was right on the water and had a pool for Sofie!

Evie’s first taste of the lake at the resort.

The part we were not planning on was us all getting sick! My brother had come home from Russia a few days before he left and brought germs with him! He was sick Thursday-Friday, Sofie was Saturday -Sunday, Jon was Monday-Tuesday, I was Wednesday-Thursday and Mom was Thursday. Livi got it in there too but she just got really lethargic, no diarrhea and throwing up thankfully! Thankfully only one adult was out at a time, so there was always two healthy adults to entertain the kids at a time.

Most of Wednesday we were all healthy and made it to “our” lake. We picked up some Subway for a picnic and spent the afternoon swimming, playing and enjoying…

Sunbathing beauties!
Evie had a nice long nap there.
Her first time in “our” lake.
Hopefully we get many more years there!
I love my family.
Sick little bum 😦
Thursday when Gramma was sick, we took the girls to Penticton so Jon could visit his favorite book store and we could eat at our favourite restaurant. The kids were able to play at the water park there too. That afternoon we went to visit Jon’s grandparents in Kelowna too. 
Livi loved their mango juice.

Friday was the end to our trip. Since we were all mostly feeling better we got one last dip in the pool that morning. Have I mentioned how much I love my family? I love that I have only girls. I love that my husband is such an involved, gentle father. I love that that he is a loving, caring husband.

Livi showing off her swimming skills WITHOUT her floaty!
She would jump in and swim back to the side all by herself! I was so proud 🙂
Evie was not impressed with how cold the water was.
Sister love!
The night before we left Sofie lost her first tooth! Pretty sure she swallowed it though.

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