8 Months!

My baby is growing up. She is rapidly approaching her first birthday and that seems hard to face right now! I didn’t really think I’d feel this way but knowing she is my last baby and seeing her stand and move and not be a little baby anymore is harder than I expected. Make no mistake though, there is no regrets for Evie being my last!

This month has brought on more talking from her. She says “dada” for Jon, but also for many other things. She is trying to use some baby signs but hasn’t mastered them yet. She can stand, crawls properly now (Aug 12) and walk around furniture while holding on. She falls a lot though. Her poor head.

She has become so distractable while nursing which is a little frustrating. She only has a really good feed when we are in her room alone in the rocking chair. She has been having some issues with going to sleep, which I think has to do with us figuring out the balance between nursing and eating solids. She is a very healthy 22lbs so she is definitely not suffering!

We love her to bits, all of us… although Sofie gets bossy and pushy sometimes. Livi is overly adoring but Evie eats it up. Livi gets the best laughs out of her. Baby laughs are intoxicating. I can’t get enough. I will miss these days, when she is little. My last baby is growing up too fast!

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