Wow, how did we get here? How did my babies become Kindergarteners?! I’m so proud of my big girls. They are both very ready. I may not be but I will still have my baby home to cuddle and keep me busy.

I can feel the end of their little years drawing near. They are becoming big kids. These toddler years are the hardest years of parenting yet but as they are drawing to a close, I can see them becoming real little ladies. I want to hold on to them tight. I don’t want these years to end quite yet! Of course we move forward though. All together we are jumping in to this new phase of life. We are excited to see what it brings.

We had teacher meetings yesterday. The right teachers got the right students. Livi teacher is very organized and seems to have very high expectations. Livi will rise to this and this style is perfect for her. Her teacher reminded me of what I would be like if I taught kindergarteners!…which I would NEVER do! Sofie’s teacher, who is only here until Christmas, is wonderfully laid back. She is inexperienced with DS but totally willing to learn and open to letting Sofie be herself, while having expectations on her. If the two had been switched I think we would have been a little worried.

Today is their first day! They both had a really good time. It was just two hours with half of their classes. Sofie didn’t cry at all and sat for mat time. A girl from her preschool is in her class so she followed what she did for the day and sat beside her for mat time! I think having someone there she knew really helped her remember what the expectations where! Livi had a ton of fun and loved recess the best 🙂

I did great with dropping them off but once I got outside and was walking away, I broke down cried. I was not the only mom crying though 🙂 This next step for them and me is a big deal! I’m so proud of them and confident they are going to flourish! Once I get over the sadness I am going to REALLY enjoy my time without them!

They were done having their picture taken and eager to leave!

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