9 Months!

I’ve been vacant from blogging for so long! My computer was in for some repairs and took a lot longer than I expected. I’m back and have many posts running around in my head!!! I will have to see if I get to those and start with my baby’s 9 month post.

I like the 9 month stage. Evie is discovering much of the world around her. She crawls around the whole house at high speeds chasing her sisters, exploring the toys and rooms, or tearing apart the puzzle shelf. We are always stepping on puzzle pieces. It hurts.

Evie can stand on her own now. She pulls herself up on furniture and throws her arms up over her head waving and standing solo! It’s pretty adorable actually. She is so shocked when she occasionally falls on her butt. She is still not talking a lot but she is watching our mouths more. She says “dada” for Jon but still no “mama”. She has the sign for “more” down during meals and we are working on all done. Currently she just shakes her head no when she is done. I guess that works too. She hasn’t been to eager to learn sign though. She just stares at us and laughs 🙂

Evie is growing still. She has hit 22 lbs which puts her in the 90th percentile for weight on the breast fed baby chart. She is just about 30 inches tall which puts her in the 100th percentile for length. She is a big baby. I can see her rolls disappearing though, which makes me sad! She’s growing up!

9 months has brought on some more fussiness. I’m not sure exactly what it is all about. She had a big bout of teething these last 2 weeks and got her 5th and 6th teeth. She gets two at a time! Not fun. Her sleeping is off too. She still wakes up twice a night although when she had Advil in her because of the the teething she did sleep for 9 hours, twice! Those were awesome nights. Her naps are totally off because of her sisters’ schedules. She doesn’t get much consistency which is really difficult. I’m spending this week trying to figure some of that out because an overtired baby is not good for anyone!

Fussy, teething, overtired baby or happy, content, easy going angel we love her to bits!

One thought on “9 Months!

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    Walter's been getting his teeth in twos & threes as well and it SUCKS. It always feels like he stops sleeping for months when it happens. Not many “mamas” from him yet either, unless he really things I'm ignoring him. bah!

    She is so adorable and such a happy looking baby 🙂


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