10 Months

Evie is 10 months old. It’s been a big month for her! She has developed so much.

She is finally sleeping better. No more feeding her every 2-3 hours through the night! I probably should have tried to put her back to sleep with out nursing her but it was easier to just feed her back to sleep. I was probably just perpetuating the cycle and over compensating for not being able to nurse Livi as long as I wanted. She seemed to have grown out of it, mostly by herself. I’ve been getting 5-6 hour stretches of sleep from her and she only woke up once last night! Hopefully this lasts.

Evie had her first Thanksgiving. It was mostly uneventful for her. She was still in her terrible sleeping pattern then. But, despite my sleep deprivation, I was still and always will be thankful for my baby!

Evie learned how to drink from a straw this month, stand from the ground up with out holding on to anything and climb stairs! She is also starting to say a few words a little more often. I’ve heard Mama a handful of times. She tries to say All Done and Up a lot.

Evie has got quite the personality. While she is pretty easy going, she has got some serious temper going on! She screams bloody murder when you take something away from her. If I tell her No for something she thinks the world is ending and breaks in to big tears. I hadn’t started with the “no’s” yet because she is a baby. I didn’t really think she understood. Livi was talking at this age so I knew she understood. I forgot that non-verbal DOES NOT mean not-understanding!

As far as stats go, she is thinning out and growing taller. 23.5 lbs now! Taller though. Her chubby thighs are disappearing. I’m going to miss them. She is still in 12-18 month clothes but filling out the length much better.

We all adore our baby and I can see how easy it is to spoil the youngest. We are all just so enamoured with her. Sisters and parents alike! Wishing she could stay little but excited to see what her future will bring!

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